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He's always smiling face. Yes. Ma'am. Also in the studio. I have MRs delayed BIA Cameron CEO and founder of mirror mirror, ninety nonprofit organization that helps families and who have lost loved ones to gun violence mother of a fifteen year old daughter. How are you? I'm humble in my walk. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you. And also Marvin and drummer and is all microphone, but Marvin is here. Parents of Marcus drummer, savannah state student who was shot if you remember the mother called my program, and we talked about this briefly. And I was able to connect the mother who was grieving and hurt with miss Betty. But this is an expanded conversation. Thank you Margaret for being on the program. Right. Thank you. Yes. Okay. Let's let's talk first about the incident that took place at savannah state. Well, my son came home for the weekend and. He went back to savannah state that Sunday. What was he majoring in? Shabby heavier and psychology. And I called him about four thirty. Eddie made it in had it made it back to savannah. So my wife, and I called him about nine thirty. And the next thing. We know we've got phone call around ten ten thirty was Shannon Q just at bad at his off campus apartment. Wow. Wow. What would the details surrounding this? So much to rob shot him. That's it. And at this point is still under investigation. We have no information most emotive. Anything like that? He had just purchased a twenty four team black Chevrolet Camaro. God. So they had anything to do with it. Carbon fiber hood. He had put on it..

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