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So excited to tell you that. Lady gang is sponsored by rent the runway this week. I'm a big fan. And i have been for years. Run membership gives you monthly shipments of designer clothing and accessories for flat monthly price. It's free and it's easy and the shipping and the cleaning and the rental coverage is all included. And what i love is it seems like while we were all wearing our spy pants. Over quarantine rent there has stocked up. And then there's lou. Johnson jason wu gani. I mean there are some redresses jeans. Wedding guests dresses. Shorts romper is. I actually just rented a pair of victoria beckham like nude high waisted shorts that i'm going to wear with like a white t shirt and sneakers on the weekend. It's really really cool. And it's really affordable way to try designer pieces and to wear clothes and never have to feel bad about the once wears of your life so head on over to rent the runway dot com and you can get the exclusive listener offer for lady gang. Use our promo code lady for thirty percent off. It's valid for a limited time only so visit rent the runway dot com today terms and conditions. Apply use our code lady for percent off so i love convenience and sometimes that means not digging around in my purse for my credit card or being able to leave my whole wallet at home so now when you go to. Cvs you can use pay pal. Qr code payments. There now accepted so basically you walk up to the line. You buy whatever. You're buying sunscreen right now for me a little bit of make up a little bit body wash and you.

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