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There's going to be a few people that says things that they should not say but we believe that everybody is equal The vanderbilt Players and mississippi state players we all equal no matter where we come from whatever and We try to Do that in In mississippi. And i'm sure they do that at vanderbilt to thank you. Tommy appreciate your call. Bruce's up next. Good afternoon bruce. Thank you for calling. yes sir F you found out if anybody from the mississippi state administration is going to be at the game tonight the monitor. Somebody's people there. Yeah everyone's going to be talked to. John kohn a couple of minutes ago. He's the athletic director mississippi state. He said They really did not know anything about this until earlier. Today and Mark keenum is out there. Who's one of the most respected figures in intercollegiate athletics. He's the president and mississippi state. He's also the head of the college football management committee. John john is everyone. Is there from both sides. This really Came to people's attention couple of hours ago when the athletic director at vanderbilt candidates story lee issued a statement that we we shared with you earlier. john cohen told me that they really again you know i don't want to put words in his mouth because he issued a statement but i mean the issued a statement agreeing with With was kansas lee in terms of the reprehensible nature of this but but he told me off the air that they were looking into it and quite frankly didn't know any more than than anyone else. I mean th th th there. But but i think everyone is going to To the integral to make sure there is more security tonight but yeah you can't i mean again. Clinton aide spoke for himself. I think everyone can draw their own conclusions from what he said you know. He said he did not hear it himself but he talked to people with whom he trusts. So i don't know any more than you do well. Why can't they find out who these people ought to make. Sure they don't go again. I would think that's a good idea. I mean these are these are not the kind of people you want to represent you. And unfortunately they end up The entire fan base gets labeled because of a couple of morons gets there thank you thank. You appreciate the call. Let's check in with with linda. Who is in tennessee. Good afternoon linda. Thank you for calling Yes thank you When mr yates spoke about the a controversy between the state fans and the van de parents i agree. I think it's horrible that it happened. But did he say that It happens sometimes when they go other places side. I think he did yes. He is particularly close to the vanderbilt fam- Parents so that he was using that as his point of reference right and and again. That is horrible but i hate that. He took today to pointed out when when we had the biggest game of baseball for these college kids. You know it's it's labeling the sippy state out think as being part of it even though and like you just said if it takes one person to ruin a whole thing does. I was very careful to make i. I asked him you know. How did you know these were. Mississippi state fans and i thought his answer was interesting to me. Pretty much said there was from mississippi state which is not true Everybody there wasn't from it. I mean there. There are college baseball fans who go to this every year. Regardless of who is who is in it there are fans from. I'm sure that area who go. Because they live there So i don't know these things are always very difficult and y- i think it's important to remember. The vanderbilt athletic director statement was very clear but she didn't. She didn't accuse fan base. She just said it was you know. She's her statement spoke for itself. But i mean. I hate it. I think everybody hates us. Frankly and the idea that a bunch of drunks fans or three drunk fans or ta no artfully idea. How many of these. How many how many more we're we're doing these were was. We're said what they said that what you said they said but you know. I don't think the players would wanna controversy before this guy. Neither controversy in the million. I mean if the whole thing then but anyway thank you sir for me. Yeah glad you co glad you call how 'bout chee next T go right ahead. Are you there. Yes i'm here. I'm doing great. Thank you for calling. If.

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