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And they really stick with you and your usually videos lucky to have one or two of those moments but jeremy has maybe dozens it's it's a pretty pre profoundly visual video and pressure uh ed just want to say that if you know if you're listening any do you think that the video like kind of comes off cheesy nowadays like you got to see that original version of the video because yes l art i write their seat there seems like eddie headbanging and seasonably miming putting a gun to his head and they're also just like shots lingering shots of a gun and it yeah it's so on the nose and it's so cheesy and iraq gives you an appreciation for you know what a subtle in in kind of artistic thing them are kind to deal with this other video uttar be as you mentioned other the circle certainly the thing about the video that generate the most discussion when it came out in years later and especially at the end of the nineties with above the columbine massacre and a number of other kind of school shootings that that really dominated the news was that the videos ending which originally as film by mark pilkington uh had jeremy now he will you strolled in the classroom he throws the youth or snapple to the teacher and then he sticks a gun is not the pull the trigger and you can see it fairly explicitly in the original version but mtv than one air that for survivors reasons and so they uh you know the kind of settled on a compromise edit where you see jeremy he stands for the class he he raises something in closes his eyes any any he could see him kinda clinching and then the lash out of the video or at least of lush on classroom is a shot of the kids in the classroom kind of reacting to what whatever he did which never actually see they've got blood on their shirts near images are kind of frozen and i remember having numerous debates about this back in the day does jeremy kill himself or does he shoot the rest of kids in the class and the right rib and and eric the thing that they're you know the ambiguity of that.

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