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Get in Moore's Arita Ville searching for law, shaker thin, stugatz. Some people claim that there's a green person. But I read a Bill. DCC's live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. So the question being asked today is, did LeBron make his son's basketball career more difficult by giving him the name LeBron George Foreman has how many kids named George George Foreman has, I think, is it possible that it's seven kids named George and a daughter named georgette? Or is that Dion Sanders in a symbol and a tribute to vanity that he named all his kids Dion and his daughter Deandra regardless of believe it George, I'm checking it could be both. Oh, George, no, George Foreman. I just need a number on number of kids that George Foreman has were named George. He has five sons who are all named George and Dion. Sanders Dion Sanders has named his kids after him. After he conquered that sex addiction, he doesn't have and georgette as the daughter. Oh, so right. Okay. So georgette is the daughter. For George Foreman, LeBron has named his son LeBron and it is broadening and he people are referring to him as brownies. Very good. And there's some sound from LeBron and what is he? He's, he's expressing remorse. He's talking to John Stewart. This is on the shop, the hotly contested shop that Alabama thinks they invented on uninterrupted. How do you give them a piece of mind that they don't have to be you still regret? Give him a fourteen role model name because of that, like when I was younger, obviously, I didn't have a dad. So my like whenever I have a kid not only is going to be a joy. I'm going to do everything that this man didn't do. They experience things that I didn't experience the only could do is give them the blueprint and it's up to them to take their own course whenever that time that's courtesy, uninterrupted an HBO when you laughing about. I mean, we were. Just we were talking before the show during commercial breaks. What's the name LeBron could get given given his son to create, you know, a less amount of pressure for for his son, and we're thinking magic, like maybe magic James or Michael James, or Michael Jordan, James, or something like that. But it's it's patently absurd to thank like there's no pressure on the kid. I am sorry there. Just there's no pressure on that name is gonna do the kid a lot more good than it will do any sort of bad. It will LeBron just saying stuff to say stuff I do. What's the harm of having that name? What kind of pressure does he have? I having that name under serious as someone who has children, someone who is raised, it was raising, I understand, sir, your your serious, that if he had been Frank, James, somehow there, Michael Jordan Sunday, you know what he looks like. You know what? Michael, Michael Jordan's son played a lot of basketball that same pressure. Do you know what Michael. Jordan, son even looks like we are covering LeBron James's kid earlier than we covered LeBron James is a different work covering LeBron James differently than we covered Michael Jordan different media. I'm not saying that a lot of positive things won't come from having the name LeBron James, but one of the negatives has to be pressure. Everywhere you go, you're a child star. You're, you're walking in teenage circles where status matters. Your name is LeBron James among other kids. Those are the kinds of things that contaminate and corrupt youth make someone grow up faster than they need to be growing up that they're going to be popular because of their name..

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