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Were not being processed you're in the shutdown small businesses, therefore might have changed their plans for the future in ways that are really hard to know. And thus also just hard to quantify a third example of an indirect or uncertain cost of the shutdown is that the federal government probably lost some of its credibility as a stable employer. This could mean that it will have to pay workers a little more on the future to hire them and keep them on staff. Lure them away. From the private sector because workers will demand more money to take a job that feels less stable to them than it might have before it. A fourth example is one that's really quite close to our collective planet. Money, indicator heart, some of the government agencies that publish economic data close during the shutdown. And so there has been a big delay in the release of economic indicators that some businesses rely on to make their decisions about how much money to spend or invest this loomed. Very large indicator Cardiff has been talking about this quite a bit. I mean when there aren't indicators coming out and the name of your podcast indicator. We we've had some notice about it. You're noticing meetings about it. And finally, there is probably some economic damage that we don't understand yet. It's just too early. For example, a lot of people who work at national parks were furloughed. And so there's been some damage to the parks from trash accumulating, and some other things and cleaning up that mess might actually cost more money than it would if the parks had just been regularly maintained for those five weeks, plus the parks lost money from entrance fees that they might never get back. But again, it's too early to know one point made by the show is all these negative effects, both the direct and indirect effects likely become worse the longer shutdown goes on, and that's something to keep in mind. Given that the government is only reopened for three weeks and the clock is ticking. And if the president congress don't agree to a spending deal within that time, a whole new shutdown will begin and thus a new set of indicators, those indicators. We will pose the CBO report at NPR dot org slash money. This episode was produced by Constanza Yaro and edited by paddy Hirsch will Ruben is our intern and the indicator is a production of NPR. Now, you can actually stop listening. Right. We're it's over. Right. You listen to the close to the close. Good music.

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