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Has worked with first equity a couple of times in Robin were so delighted to hear your story who did you work with at first equity. I worked with Ted Bucci and tell us about your experience with Ted and what you did with him. And how he helped you. It was wonderful. I liked him right off the bat. So I did a refi with him. And then several years later just recently, I decided I was going to downsize and move, and I quote, Ted again, and he went right on board and helped me he was extremely efficient. He even came to my office and brought paperwork over for me. I liked him. His personality. I felt it was warm, and I had to like the person I'm working with that totally makes sense call first equity at seven six three to five one eight thousand Robin mentioned that she heard about them. I from us which always makes us feel good. And also you can go to mytalk and type in keyword, David. All right. It's time for my talk traffic. See what's going on on the roads things have at least opened up a little bit more of looks like golden valley ninety four westbound. There's a crash at park place zenia and Minnesota one hundred in Richfield ninety four westbound thirty five W two pennant avenue. There's another crash, and it looks like in maple grove the the crash at the fish lake interchange. There long ninety four eastbound still finally clear, it's finally cleared. But it's about twenty minutes. Now, you're going from highway one on one to the fish lake interchange. Ken Barlow's five eyewitness news forecast. High thirty down to eight tonight, windy and cloudy today. It's thirty one right now. The radio home of experts at skipping YouTube ads. Mytalk one zero seven one everything entertainment. Jason and Alexis in the morning, eight thirty two. We appreciate your attendance. Hope your commute's going. Well, hope you're mornings going. Well, Tuesday means productivity supposed to be the most productive day of the week. Get some stuff done today guys. Yeah. I'm not going to go home and rest on my guest Steph yesterday. That's I'll see you. There you go. Okay. She is the expert at all things bachelor nation. Get.

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