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Huggins and Scott Auction and our producer, Erica's House. Key were until eight. Talking about collectibles, and we're joined right now, by Nancy Huggins and John Drummond for another week of which ended higher, but before we get to agenda, Drummond Now one of our items and here Is an extremely scarce And this was sold in the 19 or 2014 Huggins and Scott auction. This is an older one. 1926 shot well can be read. Grains. Rapper Now do you have any red Grange stories and never ever a chance to meet Red Grange? Yes, I did long. I wasn't around open of take a while, but I didn't see him play football. That was a galloping I've read so much about the galloping goes the Wheaton Ice man. They called the coming out of Illinois. And by the way, they called me Iceman. Now you're young Whipper snappers. It might be catching this show today would not remember that when I do enforced today myself that they used to get refrigerators were not life somewhere today had a big Huge blocks of ice to put in there to keep your food from spoiling, and Red Ranger did that He'd come by with these tongue's in the ice and take it to somebody's house, which is a great way to get in shape. But that's already called him The ice man, But go quickly went on the Illinois consensus All American three times and then the story Adam when he signed with the Bears of the football No football at that time were strictly and almost a sand light game, and he signed his first game with the Bears 36,010 days. Days later, he was at the Polo grounds against the Giants Bears versus Giants of exhibition 73,000 people reported. Wow. Unfortunately, Grange's career was hampered by injury is a pro. I know he was never quite the player that he was as a collegian as a running back, but he continued, and also played defensive back and A story that I want to mention what date's book up the 1960 when I was doing the sports show, Channel 13 and record, we're sponsored three nights a week by the Joseph Let's Brewing Company owned by the way, Let's hold more beer in those days in any other brewery in the world, including Budweiser. Once you're out, it's west of here. Yeah, that's that's okay. What's that got to do with red paint? Strange's entourage comes in the station to get him on live and in color. On a Wednesday night and all of a sudden, he says, are you sponsored by Schlitz? I said, Yes, we are. Can't do it because he was sponsored by a Falstaff in a broom. ST Louis, he would could not go on the air handlers would not let him go with another. The post people said, No dice, And so if the other station got the Gotham live and in color, we didn't you and rent out the next day because he was doing their games with George Connor, and that's the thing that people here would remember. You used to do the play by play for the Bears on the network with CBS with with George Connor, the former Notre Dame star. Great bears My name in it a little fire. Not that he didn't know football because he sort of murdered the English language. Everything gets so much from English. Morgan's slut into 30. What Red would do something like that? J. C. Caroline has it and he were you were wide open and think about that, and it got a little heat. But the regulations The guy and he passed away about 19 about 30 years ago. 1990 91. Something like that If I was if I was going to be safe, I could crawl there, Slut. I don't care. Just so you know, the A stooges used to have those blacks advice in a couple of those everyone over that in the old students, So they were definitely that's exactly there. Yes, that's gospel until Oh, my gosh, I don't remember that one. I'm in the age of refrigerator freezers. Red got the name. Well, we nice man because he was all the nights when my kids were little. I remember them asking me if they had cars when I was young, so, you know I got that question. Yeah, Yeah. Wow. They had eyes even that lug ago. Well, it's time now. Here we go. Which ended higher.

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