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Long got his team close it up the drive for the game winning field goal you remember last week Kansas city got that walk off field goal for the victory against Minnesota the drive for today again at Tennessee it's my Keith on Titans radio thirty five thirty two the final score tensing up five and five on the year and we're going to their bye week with a lot of hope get back to back division games at home coming out of there by in weeks twelve and thirteen Patrick homes was Patrick malls to report and forty six yards and three scores but Kansas city not the best shape right now they're at six and four heading to a Monday night match up next week in LA against the Chargers Baltimore Ravens went into Cincinnati today a mark Jackson had rushed for sixty or more yards in five straight games cut to the chase on this one he got there again today he actually almost got there on one run Jackson will keep it on a read option he's got a ten forty thirty five stands at the thirty what is this this Michael Victor two thousand four this is a believer and as you get is better the W. B. A. L. B. Y. Y. Y. ravens game day network Gallimard Jackson is been exactly that and he was again today throwing for three scores running for that would be a perfect passer rating one other time in NFL history somebody's done that twice in one year Ben Roethlisberger back in two thousand seven Baltimore wins over Cincinnati today by a score of forty nine to thirteen the superlatives kinda running out for Lamar Jackson but John hardball try one he surprises you have now say bye considers that the anticipated that run there I was I was one of those I said to the coffin to coaches on the phones are so they'll be watching that run for decades and decades that's when everybody countries Nancy by tomorrow afternoon that was some that's where I was special Baltimore demos to we actually rare special anyway Baltimore now sitting at seven into Cincinnati was all one eight coming into this game every quarterback Ryan Finley and he threw four Bucks sixty seven and a score but he also had an interception returned for a touchdown a fumble return for a touchdown bagel still looking for that first win as they had open next week one night all right Pittsburgh LA LA their first trip to Pittsburgh in eight years one in five there in their last six trips the Steelers defense has really been coming out of late this was a tight game throughout a Steelers were hanging on for dear life all five five in the closing minutes real time joking wanted to five W. D. V. in the Steelers radio network yeah make it has it because make it has everything you also had a fumble recovery for a touchdown of his game Steelers hang on for seventy two twelve wind and this team that was once sitting at one and four wondering what they're going to do in life without Ben Roethlisberger now they're sitting at five and four basin route off I willing this team to for two hundred forty two yards and a touchdown but he likes his own defense not just this defense now but comparing it in a big way and if I like the eighty five bears it seems like every week forcing turnovers every other series seems like in you know we we understand the team game and we know it's a process work we're we're I think we're getting there with today was a big step in the right direction but yeah we we we want to have their backs more often they're good they're very good easy there big fella eighty five bears might be in another class but skills are taking a five and four for the year Jared Goff was picked off twice fumbled the ball three times one of those lost in the rams lose two AFC team for the first time under Sean McVay they are now set at five and four for the year bills and the brown says you know that there used to be around the lake both of them bill six wins against teams with a combined nine and forty four record on the yearbook three and on the road for the first time since last year they went to the Superbowl today Baker Mayfield through a couple of touchdown passes for the first time this year buffalo was down three late they got close not quite close enough to feel comfortable Stephen Astrid missed four straight field goals from beyond fifty yards but you still want to try to tie the game late this spot at the forty three ten it's fifty three to waiting on the snap it's back he said Jim Donovan Cleveland Browns radio network is the Browns win their first home game this year stop a four game losing streak a job at a hundred and sixteen yards a game Jarvis Landry a touchdown catch we would have proved to three and six on the year three six is not great but you know they've been saying about the head coach Freddie kitchens he was asked after the game if this was gonna help you keep his job well look at it from stand for me personally a look at it from stamp one of our team and I'm happy for those guys in there they put a lot of work they're very resilient not only today but this week and that's what I'm happy for heavy for our guys to get the results that they've been putting into buffalo got two more rushing touchdowns from Josh Allen he now has fourteen of them in his two year career but they are six and three on the season and Miami apparently is on a roll they won last week for the first time beating the New York Jets Emmy winning TNT today in the beat the Indianapolis Colts replied without you Kobe percent they picked off Brian Hoyer three times and Ryan Fitzpatrick ran for a score although we didn't throw for one Miami wins by a squirt of sixteen to twelve yes all mine indie games have now been decided by seven points or less this will be one of the dolphins now two and seven on the year thanks to get interesting now for the Indianapolis Colts I gotta get the quarter back back and get a big game coming up inside the division with Jacksonville next week is the six at five and for still got more scores highlights and postgame reaction you'll see you Sunday night football on Westwood One in fact mortgage Corp.

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