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We've moved to a netflix special. Yeah, did you get any like historically who feel Steve? Martin had the biggest. I can look right now like sold like what a real rock band of that era would have sold top twenty best selling comedy. This has Adam Sandler I know. That's a big one as number one a while over two million. Owa Number two Jeff Foxworthy. Oh Three Jeff Foxworthy as well. You might be a redneck. If Yep, you might be. A redneck is three to is games. rednecks play okay four is weird ow? Oh, that makes sense bad hair day five is another Adam Sandler. They're all GonNa Laugh at you. I remember that one. Six is a Beavis and butthead. The BEAVIS and butthead experienced. Steve Martin seven Dane Cook Retaliation Cookie Monster, eight Dane Cook harmful if swallowed. Nine, the Jerky boys aw loved it really. Oh, my, that was my favorite, Oh yeah, in high school. You don't know the Jerky Boys. Prank phone calls were so. Know when I was young when foxworthy hit the scene like maybe thirteen or something and I thought those redneck jokes were so funny I had memorized a bunch of them at one point. One of them was. If your mom doesn't remove the Marlboro reds cigarette from her lip as she tells the state trooper to kiss her ass, you might just be now. How get him? Ten and eleven are also weird Al Twelve is Larry. The Cable Guy Thirteen and fourteen Larry the cable guy. Fifteen Jerry clower so I went on a USO tour to Afghantistan and those seven and I think it was oh seven and We learned on this tour that the next guest was going to be Larry the cable guy. That he was coming through in the next week and so they have you signed all this military equipment, and you see the names of all these other people who have visited on USO tours like certain helicopter, everyone signs or certain warhead. And so every time I was asked to sign something I wrote. gator done DAX shepard. Because I thought Larry the cable guy. Most certainly rights get her done whenever he signed. Something I'm always jealous I, don't have a catchphrase..

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