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The chick who tortured khalid sheikh mohammed you wanna screw enough she's saying she's not going to do this again but do you trust her i think that's the kind of message we need and this is exactly the kind of person trump wants leading the cia somebody the rest of the world is scared to death of we got a water shortage you know we always talk about you know you i'm not i don't conserve anything unless we're in a drought or a water shortage so we had a water main break right down the street your music row in nashville and they said the water for this area is going to be out what the rest of the day so i have hoarded all the water so dan came in he said god is just so frustrating i went to the bathroom and i wanted to wash my hands and there's no water and i got one two three four five six cups of water sitting in here i got johnny b couple to and i said i'll sell you wanted to he said menu our cat laser aren't you i said no because i like you actually give you one they said no that's okay but i got you know you never can tell so i knew there was gonna be a run on water in the building and so i went and filled up several cups so that's how you get you play smart you know because i knew they told me there's no water well there was water in the water cooler there ain't no mo it's right cheer johnny needs some water there i got plenty plenty we got plenty of water near yeah we now now the go come in from all the rest of the building trying to take my water might have to break out my gun stay with my water brought my coffee cans so i'm a water hoarder that's what i am today this is capitalism at work folks i think i'm going to set up a water stan right down here the mayors of nashville this is a great learning experience instead of trying to be a lifestyle change or maybe you should start fixing things around the city.

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