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A $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike Way of traffic and weather on the eighth back to read on the traffic center on the Beltway in Virginia Outer Loop delays out of Tyson's headed on to westbound 66 before westbound 66 or before 66. In general. There was a broken down tractor trailer in the left center lane than on the ramp to westbound 66 still just a single lane getting by due to the long term work zone if you're not 95 in Virginia. Delays remain in Fredericksburg passing Route three toward the Rappahannock River Bridge. The work is set up taking Elaine then delays from 6 10 to Quantico. With the work in the left lane North bound 3 95 is starting to slow headed toward King Street, where there should be some work set up in the district north about 92 95. The delay told Malcolm X Avenue due to work some we may have one in the South bound direction as well. South Down D. C to 95 is heavy approaching in passing these Capitol Street with the travel lanes available to you and in Maryland, South bound one 19 great Seneca Highway reopened it late. Clinch Drive crashes Gone on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic continues to alternate to get across the bridge due to the work and south bound to 70 while the delay out of her banner remained here at a crawl, trying to make your way past 109, But before 1 21, a single lane gets by the work, Usually it's one right lane that gets you by the new diamond Mine. Fast play game from the Maryland Lottery has a progressive jackpot that starts at $250,000 and keeps growing. Play fast. Wind fast with fast play. Please play safely and responsibly. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic. Let's get our forecast from Chuck Bell. Most of the last two weeks have been colder than average. That pattern has come to an end briefly, although.

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