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His former money manager jeffrey free epstein misappropriated more than forty six million dollars of his fortune. He disclosed the issue in a letter to his foundation on wednesday. Mr wexner sner wrote that the missing funds were uncovered after he decided in two thousand seven to suffer ties with mr epstein. Mr began the separation process after allegations against mr epstein surface involving sexual abuse of underage girls. A lawyer for mr epstein couldn't be reached for comment. A spokesman for mr wexner declined to comment on whether mr wexner and reported the matter to authorities now our main story story this morning. It's a look at what financial documents big wall street banks have turned over to congressional investigators probing president trump's dealings thousands of pages documents have been turned over by the likes of citigroup and deutsche bank according to people familiar with the investigations to find out more charlie turner has been speaking to jean eagle awesome gene congressional committees controlled by democrats have subpoenaed documents for major wall street banks related to russians who may have had dealings with president trump up his family or his business new york state investigators have also made requests regarding mr trump's business and you remind us what information the house intelligence and judiciary committees are looking for and what new york state investigators are seeking and all these documents show so the congressional committees. They're focusing partly on these russians looking for any connections between russian business people and the president and his business the separately going to the bank store shirt and capital one looking for information a real wide range of information.

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