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The for use by. Sef please this now were injured. It permanent individuals may stay aboard. The men repeated the order this time in spanish ridges jaw clenched many could see fear in his eyes. But the other man just nodded and started to climb down off the track. Many did the same. Not all of the tracks. Passengers were as compliant. There was a lot of shouting and even if you shoving matches between the militiamen and the passengers but in the end the stf got their way. Many gathered fairly quickly that they plan to send the civilians a mile or so back to a holding area behind the new line. That was the last fucking place in the world. He wanted to be so. He approached the officer who had been arguing with their driver. The man had no rank insignia on his uniform but that wasn't unusual from alicia his fatigues were old. Us army issue. His armband identified him as part of the citizens. Front many found that odd. Most of the militia this barricade were with rosza front or the pa. this much. intermixing wasn't normal. It pointed to a lot of casualties among the stf school-based senor many started chico. noah. I'm he's i don't have time to debate. No senor. my cousin. Alejandra was with citizens front ninth. Battalion was a ride. We were taking this journalist. Many jerked his head towards reggie who stood a few feet back and we got caught up in the attack. The officer nodded then. Grunted many studied his face for a moment. The man was middle aged with a weak chin and enough meat on his bones suggest. This was his first frontline duty a while. His eyes were bloodshot. His hands clinched his attitude softened. A bit at alejandro is name alejandro hernandez yeah. He's a good man or was the officer said darkly all our frontline units were wiped out or near enough. The stf spin pushed all the way back to see that the mortar. If he's alive. He's a prisoner. The man shook his head sorry chico. There's not much i can do.

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