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Water, Jill wine, banks coming up very exciting. Oh, by the way. Did you see Kevin tweeted, wait? This is Fox News. They brought on Bernie Kerik. Right. Oh god. Yeah. To to a bash Representative Omar and as Kevin points out the guy who co opted an apartment for ground zero rescuers and use it to have an extra marital affair to berate someone else for not respecting nine eleven. He's their search giant. Lawrence Donald pointed out of all Donald Trump's disgusting behavior around speaking of not respecting nine eleven bragging, the tallest building on nine eleven taking recovery money meant for small businesses. What what? Falsely claiming he saw Muslims jumping up and down in New Jersey. But one in. Donna was saying he's never repeated it because Lawrence will call them out on it. He said during one of the debates I lost hundreds of friends in nine eleven and Florence call him out on it. So then the next day. He makes it, oh, I lost friends turns out he he went to he lost zero friends and nine eleven he went to zero funerals believable. Friends. Yeah. But speaking of disgusting allies and not respecting nine eleven. Yeah. Yeah. So we're not Carrick had some thoughts. I was an I guess on FOX. I'm like are not imprison always out of prison. Okay. Yeah. Three years in prison for charges of corruption in line. And yet he's still has gravitas on the Fox News show. Apparently, he claimed Representative Omar's effect infatuated with al-qaeda with HAMAs and with Hezbollah Hannity concurred and added. Oh, of course, he concurred Omar was the keynote speaker at care falsely claiming the group is a terrorist organization. They are not a terrorist organization. They're Muslim which it goes exactly to her point that she was making there is that they were founded after nine eleven because obviously there was so much Muslim bashing and phobias Muslims did die in that in that tragedy. Dr tiller they're not going to be happy till someone kills her. I mean, it just it is infuriating. It really is Tucker Carlson, by the way, speaking of which had some other thoughts. Besides the ones we. Played every. Seven twenty years every fifth grader will believe that nine. Eleven was committed by white supremacists. He's he came in the context of what he described as propaganda from liberals limb busting President Trump were inciting violence, which he probably is as he's been named check by God knows how many people that have already been violent or we're planning to be violent right Carlson. Said you totally true. You watch you heard it here. First, they're the real threat, we need to fear and suppress them. Well, we do need to suppress white supremacist. Yes. He played a Cup of Cory Booker saying since nine eleven we've had terrorist attacks in this country. The majority of them have been right wing extremists. Absolutely true. The majority of those have been white supremacist attacks from a synagogue in Pittsburgh to a church in South Carolina. There are white supremacist groups that use that language as we saw as far away as New Zealand use our president language almost as if a license for this tax. What did he say untrue? He's actually been checked by name by the New Zealand terrorist among other ones among others. Yeah. Carlson said poker and other demagogues on the left. He condemned them for speaking out against the of hate crimes. And then he said, oh, they're lying. There's no up endemic of hate crimes. That is not like some left wing think tank. This is the FBI said to two thousand seventeen saw the largest single year increase in hate crimes since two thousand one. They found that counties were Trump hosted a campaign rally saw two hundred and twenty six percent increase in reported eight crimes compared to jen's it up off they go, Deb and Fairfield. Hello, jim. Hi, sweetie. Angel muffin. Hello. Yes. So I have a really bad gold. But I'm going to try to get this out. Real quick. I'm calling because the Democrats always think that we right wing corporate media is somehow to report something true, and what we did in the nineties when Mr Clinton. When he was not convicted by the Senate. But when he was impeached in the house all these people went, oh, no the Democrats are losers. Oh. Gore did not associate himself a Mr Clinton. And then everybody thought Mr. gore lost. But then later like usual, we found out that Mr. gore actually won in Florida. Yeah. Had they finished counting the votes. Exactly why we gotta fight differently conceding..

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