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Just. Swimming. Used to. Anyway, y'all need to go out there back get back on these VHS tapes. Yeah. The only one. Yeah. Don, I'm just trying to help the the younger though. Hey there, and you've got to where they will go to a point. You can get oughta shoot. And you know, 'cause they make it harder for you. I mean, just one or two sites they'll somewhere else? That's all. I'm saying. Yeah. That is true. That is true. These kids watch porn shed, unless y'all make it to where it's harmful thing. If y'all having open conversations about sex, and I really think that porn is gonna hurt. Nobody. I don't think they are having conversations about it. Maybe they should start. Probably be that the issue. Maybe I should put more funding into educated and stop being so weird about naked nece agree. Well, depending what kind of porn they're watching it. They're watching like that violence shit. Of course, that'd be a different story. Just watching, you know, software fucks off for a walk. That need that. You wanna hear this? Nothing's wrong with Paul like. So weird about it. Just shows the issue anyway on porn. Jaru? I don't care. What he's saying is before. And this is why it's a problem because he needs to address it people. Let the people know what's gonna look, man. John rule came out with a statement saying that basically he's not going to be talking about fifty no more. He said he called her. Said he called her a note, and they'd be called a Curtis Ratsan. And it's like look Brown Liberte you'll career been over fifty been smashed Joe shit. You wanted a few people that career has been annihilated by one person. You don't need to adjust anymore. A letter. You wanna talk about fifty don't talk about. We don't here, right. It's been a route for you dog, and you can do or say or not say that he races. What happened move forward? He's trying Bri. Bri got new album coming out. It's not here yet. He said it might not be here when you call. John coming out because I not seen this much talk about John ruin long. Yeah. Unless you said something crazy all stars craving. Or does some stupid like Bill now ridiculous? I mean, maybe put it, but it's always trying to get people to keep talking. Album. I bet you one hundred dollars. I'm with album come with you give them the plot. And you'll start promoting guarantee 'em from jerus- shanty on it one job shot. She's still wrong. Apparently shoes, but she and around in a different sense. Like, oh, yeah. Wouldn't go. She she doing porn too. Purpose put out why he's not putting out now. I'm just saying it's not put out. She's dropping music is just nobody. What are you talking about if she's around, but she's not around? Right. She dead. Arou-? But if you. One one made is traveling south. Not all of is. She's been around more men. Right. And I'm just saying she's getting down but didn't put out the videos. I'm pretty sure some videos out there of Shanti Jack's tapes, you think shot to get a sex tape. I'm pretty sure if if jaw rule had access to an Asahi sex tape he'd have been released shit these hell, yeah. Because he means. How does this say? Jal rule was like Joe, I got this. He released it. A long time ago. Say he weighed about I see how that helps them anything. She's been kind of like Marlon of. Oh, good. She's trying to conquer other aspects of news. So she's saying the fuck away from John ruled by saying. Yeah. It was her. John and Irv Gotti. She have major problems Irv Gotti when that whole murder Inc thing with down. So. Some of you sent us something about Coney black. Yeah. Lakota peas, try boat. There was a. Got. No, I honestly, I just feel like that's Meghan thing. Now, I don't even associate that with him. But basically, I guess he's still feuding with TI over this, nipsy hustle thing. I'm just I can't I guess they're making songs and disregared and on the you call it. Correctly. He disposed children. You think Kodak blackness with red squiggly lines under a word the word is really important. If. Black news. Nobody's

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