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Um i think more fun but that's me y'all i say that basf was more fun because they like to watch the girls by more than the guy i hear your um and i still think that opinion has changed the problem is the added a like i definitely feel like they are all about aggression with mander like men fight women like our caddie and there's always one crazy one ya like a crazy once geraldo my urlocker it is signed a contract in their life this is it my instagram is lino relying on this by the way that's exactly right the remember when this season started with rachel and i was like eric is crazy i was like he is he i got a very naughty wild energy from him interests seeing from from the beginning and i feel i have to say is that yesterday his hometown visit i liked him a law i love tim he came away my number one he really i have to say he that for me was big shift a loved his family which what's verona with a i answered him to pitch of her his aunt who looks exactly uh o of uh the first episode of the season so i remember seeing all guys i don't remember the names very well and i know very kenya's islas he's still on it no no and is gone but bless him and he has a wonderful daughter but he should he was one of the four that was on like when the bachelor was ending because like bachelor was just of everyone was out for nagy will they were leg with yasser or bug dimarco yet joe is one of the four that that night o k was great t danced with her own remember the and and uh he was recently spotted on aerial looked in.

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