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Hanukkah you've picked lenny kravitz karavas. Weird female drummer lenny. Kravitz fucking the afro wig. Now let's just don't just imagine tomorrow worldwide some things and then their true i to having an argument in school with a man who was like. No yeah lenny. Kravitz is dead and jimi hendrix's alive. You goddamn moron on. that's not true. We weren't buck idiot. The purple of spoken. Lisa banana they wanna berry. Henner is going all the way header. I was abundant. All right well marilu henner to make. An interesting to interest is voted. Yeah i will take marilu henner so we don't have a tie that's true we've not had a home. My god who now every time now what about. This is a person in the house right now. We could break time for us. The dog craig's wife. I'm not texting and duty talk and then we'll be. Yeah then it'll be a tie. It's going to get wild. I love it okay. So here's the deal. Craig's wife is upstairs known as nova from episode two hundred. Mary lou. henner if if this doesn't work out in your favor. I still want you to call me. She'll remember everything i'm saying. I will say the weirdest shit in bed. If you just remember fuck me. Dinner vetoed ladies and gentlemen nova from episode. Two hundred. remember her as the lady. The card lady doesn't she has a real name that we might not want to broadcast because our listeners. Are we a lot of fucking weirdos for short so her name is nova now. She when i went to go to the bathroom earlier. She admitted to me that she's had a couple of drinks. Okay perfect i have had a multitude of. She's i under all right. So nova is our tiebreaker. Hopefully an mary lou from taxi of them propositions at arran pizer. Oh my god even close but now we have the duty sounds tied. My brothers served duty on the line. He will be on the life of a message saying quick with a photo of the two of them. So we'll see what the thank you thank you know. All right they know is leaving with the beer. Oh my god. She's gone she's mad. My girl marilu henner is really on the ropes right now but i feel like shown dude. He could bring her back. Beautiful can't wait. He's your brother and quarters you do. And then i'll go with him to jacksonville jacksonville sweet by the way if anyone's there he'll talk about it the entire time. I don't know what to do. Just really spot and we hate you now. The medieval torture museum jacksonville. Very excited to go to that wonderful which could go pretty cool pretty neat. I'm going to be very sad. I don't travel every week again. It's really like it'll be fun. I got very used to it. And i got really. I love it a lot and the money be right. Money does be right. Well all right so we are one. Vote away from decision. This is the this is the i mean. If he doesn't get you back to you have to have a time limit. Russia doesn't get back to you in five minutes then. We then immediately rolls over to brian. Let's give him until the end of the episode. Whatever it's fine. I don't i don't i don't believe bryan's going to hopefully thinking will i think he should choose the winner no votes just him all right all right there you go all right so we've got question. I have put out questions i didn't either. I don't think there's any tumbler. We might actually have no questions for question. So i never mind got really anticipating our needs here. Got a bunch courtesy of producer hannah. The prize. pride back to you. Know looking for questions were i will. I will hit the wall of shoddy gets back to us over the wall over the wall. Yeah no no questions on the tumbler. All right thanks guys. Thanks really appreciate it. We did a bunch of questions last week on the tom. I know we got throw. This is a fun game. See how many people were asking for us to do bit. Set annoy you so this maybe this can be one of them because they really liked. We were trying to guess where you were from visit. Allan thank you to producer. Had doesn't make the pride of michigan. Not real mission bezos lena keyboard and somebody handing anyway she does not exist. Although it's fun to think that she does she has brought is smith connections for god. I don't even know how long she loves do it. She is car stolen at seven eleven. Five fucking john beautiful drunk girl and blue. Who is there with. A bunch of friends in your car was stolen. Oh my god. Let's hang out. I was the guy who kissed you on the cheek. Well what a white knight. Hold the right yo- you weren't like that waited with you. While the police came. I kissed you on the cheek. Yeah the conflict sorry kisses on the cheek one of the boys in bolivia versus bonders. I responded by kissing me on the cheek then. We talked to my my studio later with mattress on the floor. Palm duran ass. Please fuck me and my mattress on the floor. Then you ask you if. I had a beverage now. I don't know if rich. I'll have a fridge too. Scared cover the. I don't like oh you're unbelievable looking for a rockabilly cat or kitten. Oh god you're loam marcy playground and can look looking for me to someone who's looking for me to are looking for rockabilly kat or kitten look for rockabilly cat kitten to connect with. I'm twenty two year old rockabilly girl. Boy you're fucking adopter is a long way to say i'm a twenty. Th year old liability rockabilly. She probably drives a studebaker or some like an old cab or something. I travel the cop car. And i just really like to drag chain around. I love. I really wanna drive. A.

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