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Drama there. And i went there with just the row and pete zinc legend. John mark sherman. And all these guys. I'm still calls and And then had sex with sony many people and felt like i get out and decently difference focused and mounted from school. And you also went to nyu to be straight. Which i guess didn't last very long. It didn't last very long. Yes what was what was that mindset. Did you actually think. Was it more just like i need a new playing field or was it really like. There is something that i have to become yogi. I think honestly. I was interested in. I had wanted to be a filmmaker really badly and i was sort of like at the small liberal arts school and i felt like anything to do something more significant but it. It is weird because it was like the early nineties. And i felt like i wasn't you know it was previously So it was. It was a slightly different time. You know what i mean. And i had grown up in a conservative way and i think i was really expressing myself and then i think i was freaked out by that. You know what. I mean like i was. I was uncomfortable with what that was like. I didn't embrace that myself. I felt like oh well this. This isn't writer. This doesn't this. You know this isn't gonna look right or feel right and i need to. I need to shift and make a change. So i was kind of running away from my own independence. The ship got rented itself. I think right when you're raised you know conservative in private school and all that kind of thing. You're given one way to not sure. And i mean it's never it's never explicit but it is implicit in everything and you know you're shown one way to be good and everything else is bad or shameful or stressful or whatever. Secret was part of it. That was. It's interesting how How there was so much. That was just naturally dishonest. You know what. I mean No matter what your intentions were you know what i mean like you just live dishonestly. Yeah just such into thing about and there weren't there weren't role models there were no this podcasting list or maybe it did. But i didn't know about it and There weren't people that you could look at and say like oh well. They're they're doing this and they're making gov and you know that's that's a path for me. There wasn't really that then. You know what i mean. there was some outlet. Sure but you have to kind of look for night right. Yeah what was warning school like. Talk me through boarding school. God i thought we were going to the evolved part of me. I mean that's even worse at donnington. I'm orange. School was really intense. Because i had gone to public school. I like i haven't gone to private school until high school. And so i went to this. Forties will and it was in ohio which is weird because i was living in ohio says sort of like. Why didn't i go further. And it was You know fulop like up dead. Poet's school ties. Uniforms were tired day. We started the day chapel You know and what's so strange about those schools is that you realize especially in hindsight your teachers. The faculty are so young. Remained like those guys are like they were like twenty five. So you're like seventeen and you've got these teachers and doormaster who are twenty five. Who are not evolved people. You know what. I mean so it was like kind of an intense situation. The only thing that got me through it. Is mike eventually through. Like i was put with one roommate who was so uncomfortable and wanted to move because of my taste in music and i found the other guy. My dorm of course was the other gay guy and we sort of you know we kind of locked our door and you know bought all this shit from pure one and listened to twelve inch madonna records and like we kind of created like a gay sanctuary like a lily pad in the middle of the street pond and that was low. It got me through it. It was a blast like you. He was my best friend for years and years. Oh so important. So it was super important and grey. Where in ohio. That was in hudson. Ohio at this place called western reserve academy. But i grew up in a town called shaker heights ohio so i'm sudden it's basically a different state. Where was that it's waverly. It's a village right below. Chill coffee our state's first capital basically Works the book. That was just a movie with amy atoms. And glenn close the kilby algae hillbilly those are my people all right. We'll see you were like hillbilly fires everywhere. So it's sort of like exactly parallel own literary representation of ohio. I'm seeing. I'm seeing rugby shirts tucked into genes. I'm seeing woven belts. Yeah i'm seeing sperry top siders. They're just looking old photos of yourself true true but i. it's. I'm certain i'm narrow. Yeah no you're not wrong. And i was a total clothes horse. Yeah i learned that from my mom. My mom used to take me shopping every weekend every single weekend when i was a kid so yeah it was insane so i was like obsessive about clothing and loved fashion and Yeah we're all asaf a lot of ralph lauren. A lot of a lot of layers. Yeah not a lot of layers you had to. You have to you have to because there needed to be more than one. Opportunity flipper cholera boris. Absolutely yes. I need a row of callers standing at attention two or three. Yeah absolutely Have you digitized your mixed tapes from this era. I haven't had too. Because i just bought a car. That has a cassette deck. Wow yeah i actually use use it all the time. Wow like i. Listen to cassettes every day when i'm in a way that sounds like a dream. I'm very impressed with that..

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