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You bet your ass i'm alec baldwin and this is here's the thing i wanted to spend a good amount of time not talking about your current project because i know i'm like netflix is gonna fire but meaning we can just talk about that and i always have the concern that we made the competition not about you but about him and you pitched it to them when they commissioned you that happen laura michael jason who's worked with robert redford produce for him i went to her and i was like laura i think this is a somebody had approached me about the fact that sirhan sirhan han still in jail and alive and his lawyers were trying to mount one last effort to get them out i was like that's interesting but i think in order to understand how sensational that trial wasn't that time was you gotta understand bobby kennedy got understand his life you know the other thing was my fam bobby kennedy john kennedy they're really important of black people like black people love the kennedy brothers my grandmother's picture eventually by the time i came around they were beloved right maybe not so much absolute there was there was the the guardians of civil rights became wasn't i think it wasn't their top of my process you it was a process and so that's kind of what hooked me is is what was that process how did you know a guy who he wasn't he wasn't a segregationist anticivilrights but it really wasn't.

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