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By health and privacy advocates who would then have the dental records on my health. Snaking. The health minister, Greg hunt has announced some perspective changes to the health record system. So one thing that people were particularly up in arms about was a section of the my health record act that same to allow law enforcement access to the health record without a warrant. So basically what section seventy of the act said was that the system operator, in this case, the straddling digital health agency, if they reasonably believed a piece of information from the health record system was reasonably necessary a little raising lease in the for. For the purposes of investigating crime, preventing crime for protecting public revenue, a whole host of other reasons. They could hand that Datta over. So a lot of people were really obviously concerned about that. They thought that they should be far more safeguards before law enforcement access. And the story had been from the agency and from the health minister that the policy of the agency was we require a warrant. But the fact of the was the end of the day that was not required by legislation. So what Greg hunt is said, after consulting with some of the big medical buddies here in strata, they're going to change legislation. He says, make sure a warrant is absolutely required before handing over dodge law enforcement, but yet to see the the sort of new language in the act. There's no question that having some sort of consistency around a medical records that has its upsides, it's useful, but in line of the China that have happened, Jeremy, is it enough is enough to satisfy privacy? I because I don't think so. And there's a couple of key. Point to this in one of them is like access by default. So when you opt into it. Or you don't opt into. You just get one. Once they create it, there's literally going to be like thirteen thousand clinics across Australia. They're going to be able to access the record. So when you have that sort of mass access or any person on the staff of those clinics can look at the record, there's always increases the chance that something bad could happen, or there could be some sort of actor decided to access the system. So what you can do though there is a good control in the medical record, and that's you can set an access code. So it's like a four to eight digit pin essentially..

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