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Any of this surge that we're seeing in the last couple of days directly to Thanksgiving in the traveling to get togethers That did happen, maybe a little bit of a blip Savannah, but we don't expect to see the full brunt of it between two and three weeks following the Thanksgiving, so I think we have not yet seen the post Thanksgiving peak. That's the concerning thing because the numbers in and of themselves are alarming. And then you realize that it is likely we'll see more of a surge as we get 2 to 3 weeks past the Thanksgiving holiday. And the thing that concerns me is that abuts right on the Christmas holidays. People start to travel and shop in congregate. So that's the reason why we plead with them. Toe, please. As best as you can uniformly airing of masks keep distances us to the best possible way you can. Avoid crowds and congregates settings, particularly indoors. And if you are indoors in that circumstance always wear your mask. Where your mask it's all this guy's got for you Stay away from human beings where your mask either you're gonna be able to do that. Stay away from human beings. Are you going to do that? I'm not. I'm not worried about it. I'm in New York City. I go into an office every day. I'm traveling. I'm getting into Strange strangers vehicles here to go to where I have to go. I'm going into crowded stores. I'm doing all these things. I'm not worried. I'm not crazy. I'm sick. I'm staying home if I if I thought I had co but I would quarantine myself two weeks. No question wouldn't go anywhere. Right, But there are only so many precautions you can take before you're just living a life of fear, and that's what they want you to do and understand that there will be in 2021. Regardless of who the president's. There's going to be a renaissance in this country. There's going to be a sense of relief and release that will be like the end of a war that had like a draft and a lot of us going to fight. But I'm not saying it's as It's the same is that but I'm saying it's going to be. There is going to be people dancing in the streets. At some point, man there's gonna be it'll be almost be. It'll be almost as exciting as the Biden victory for the lives in New York, right? There will come a day when we realized this thing is behind us. And there are going to be tremendous fights. Over who should get credit for it. Notice. Not a lot of talk about how it was. The Trump administration that got a vaccine done in less than a year helped bring a vaccine to market in less than a year. When usually it's 4 to 5 years, 4 to 5 years could you imagine? I mean, if we had to do four years this I'm already thinking that I might just have to. I might have to go full civil disobedience and get arrested for masked refusal. I'm I'm considering it. But see, the thing is, I don't want to make anyone else. I'm polite. I don't want anyone's to worry around. It's not about that. It's about the state mandate it so I have no problem with anyone wearing a mask. I know I don't see some wearing a mask and think less of them. Or maybe they're right. Maybe it's good for them. Maybe you know we should My problem is the state arresting people for it. My problem is the state determining who can and can't go about their lives open their businesses. That's my issue, but.

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