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Is doing it in the midst of the big game. then. that's a ya a bit of a topic. I see that you know it like for instance I'm I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed and I I see Nick to Turow but you know. he's an actor and and sports fan. this is what it says but you know it. it is I believe John throws his brother he he posted a video all caps who cares how long the game is Bob it's a wild playoff game you know so that's probably some of the reaction from fans Hey I'm I'm watching this because this is what I like I'm a baseball fan it's the playoffs. here's a tweet from Phil Mackey Bob Costas is no longer broadcasting the actual game he's just teeing off on pace of play walks and home runs. super seventy sports I missed the Yankees twins game was Bob Costas able to squeeze in any play by play around telling us all how we should think. interesting to me. now that's his prerogative and he's. lucky enough that you know he's in a position where he could say that sort of stuff without repercussions or or fear of repercussions. but for it to happen on that the national broadcast during the. playoffs arm. is that something. you want to hear is that something your feeling or when it's playoff baseball are you saying give me playoff baseball. you know I I could I could do this topic any day almost. and I wouldn't expect it to be in October. but are are you excited that it's playoff baseball does that change your mind state. where are you Bob Costas you are you angry with with the person who's saying baseball's too slow or you know there's too many strikeouts in into many home runs when the playoffs are coming around. or are you that guy eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four two two seven Jimmy Traina sweets Bob Costas guys just gave a lengthy lecture ripping this game for being unwatchable and Johns both completely ignored him and didn't even acknowledge what he said it was highly amusing Sir you Bob Costas or are you you John Smoltz you you're one of the people angry about people complaining about baseball because you love baseball or are you complaining about baseball even though it is the playoffs eight five five two one two four eight C. B. S. at Robert.

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