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If you're looking at the like upper echelon of guys, there is an intangible quality there that Devon Booker does seem to have, and we could be wrong. And this could like we could regret a lot of the hype surrounding him, but it's just something that that to me makes guards more interesting because it's harder to project because like DeAngelis Russell was another guy who seemed to have that intangible quality, and then his game has just been a mess for the last three years. So you never really know. Yeah, I think you're onto something with the ability to create a shot. I mean, I do think that you know. A big things that fellow players value and that you know certain kinds of commentators will value as well. Booker definitely has that he's much more comfortable on the ball Wiggins. It's much more of a sledgehammer approach downhill trying to get to the free throw line. And I think there's just a clear preference for the Booker style versus the Wigan style. I also think one other thing to mention, I mean, the Kentucky mafia and the NBA is different than the Kansas mafia. Right? I mean, like the Kansas Mavi like there's a lot of MB player. NBA players who went to Kansas. I think Cody mentioned, you know their premier college programs like that's true, but I think the Kentucky alert, I mean, the number of all stars, the coach, Calipari effect. I think those guys are just on a different level of kind of cachet. Then anyone really maybe besides what Duke and North Carolina. I, I think those are kind of the three biggest programs right in the NBA. And I think that makes a difference to here. Right? Like weakest doesn't have like a big blue nation of apologised, like ready to Cape for him at a moment's notice. Whereas Booker definitely does. What when you talk about kids, I still amazed that they avoided any kind of scrutiny in the Dida scandal because I'm pretty sure kids isn't a Dida school, and I know like every year they they win sketchy recruiting battles in like March and April, and somehow they just skated through all of the uproar over the last twelve months, which is, I'm glad they're paying players. It's good for them, but that's, that's my only thought on Kansas. And they've also like Kansas is a premier college program, but they've had like more than their share of busts in the lottery over the last ten or fifteen years as well. I would not go first of all for Bill self. If I were like a premier NBA process. Act. First of all, you meant to say, allegedly satellites. All of this is a legend. It's all issue. Sharp reporting, the internal dynamics of the recruiting battle look at, you know, look, if you follow this stuff, you're like, oh, so where's he going to go? And then every April some kid ends up at Kansas. The worst list. It was like Florida state versus Kansas come on bro. While he was he was considering Wichita state to, you know, cope brothers you because I think his brother was playing there. So Kansas was definitely preferable to Wichita state, but moving on sticky with the Andrew Wiggins class of players, faiths as should we continue to invest in players like Karl Anthony, towns, Dangelo, Russell, Jalil, Okeafor miles Turner, Emmanuel, moody, and Kristaps. Porzingis Kristaps is on that list because as Ben always says, availability is the best ability. But in general, what is the proper time period to expect a player to at least start showing signs of greatness? Do you have any thoughts there been this group of players? No disrespect faith. I mean, we're kind of all over the map here. I mean guy like towns already an all star averaging twenty ten guy like. Okafor is lucky to be in the NBA. Right? So. And moody. I mean same deal. I pretty much have given up on him. I think the best way to put it is this when they come in as rookies if they're getting real playing time, are they able to show what they do? Well, right. Like whatever they're calling card was coming into the NBA like were you a low post score or were you one on one playmaker or were you high volume shop locker? Like whatever it is that you do? Well, there should be evidence of that skill early on, right? Because you're you're gonna do when you improve from like age? Twenty to twenty five is you're gonna start to fill in the whole of your game..

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