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Right, just that fast, we are back, Dre, boxing. Boxing boxing boxing, not Kanye Kanye coming. Thank God. Again, in the beginning of the show, we mentioned all the boxing events coming up this weekend. We'll start with last weekend. We just probably grace versus Jose zapata on a pay per view. I'm not sure how many people bought it. It was the pay per view? Pay per view. Man, I don't pay for anything. On pay per view dot com. And fight TV. That's my homies that fight. I don't have to pay for anything. Everybody in fight got to watch that for free as well. So watching that. One, they had the Vargas brothers on it. That was cool. Yes. Yes. I had to watch them in case they come to top rank as well. Now that we have a million, they'll probably be a top rank. Might as well just get them. The whole family. It's like a DB three. I'm just going to start collecting families of boxer. So watch those fights cool Fernando Vargas junior gets knocked out. But that was there for the main event. Main event. Jose is a pet is good. I never thought he was like incredible. Yeah, no. No. He's had some good wins against him. People top ring may have thought was prospects. And then that's kind of pushed them into this position. All along, I thought the fight should be Regis for José Ramírez. Yes. But it was going to be. He's a pedophile. They were married to cut Regis all the way up. Thankfully for José Ramírez or for Ramirez, it was like he had to do a wedding. So Regis goes in, looks dominant throughout. Head movements incredible. The fighting skills are still there. I was worried because of how much time he fights or he spends not fighting. Because he has no promoter. And he has to do weird shit like this. Yes. It's caught in a pickle. But watching him fight and now he has the belt. Now it's like, all right, I can see why he was a two belt champion before. He hasn't lost anything. He doesn't have to go up to one 47. He's waited so long that a whole new crop of one 40 people are. To take on. His performance that night to me was wildly impressive. I think he has a shot gets everyone in this division. Teal female included. Yeah, I mean, he had a tremendous fight with Josh Taylor. Yes. This fell short. It wasn't like Jocelyn run away with that fight. It's a close fight. Reese's program without a promoter makes it very interesting what his next move is. I have a feeling. Well, that mandatory. Yeah, but I have a feeling that he's going to end up on black prime fighting Adrian broner. That'd be a great move for his career and for a bit of wire him the money. First. At this point, start there. Yeah, yeah. But no, the WBC is locked in. Because for better or worse, Ramirez got to be next or vacations. That's a great fight. And then they already named the winner of this teal female fight, a second mandatory. Yeah. So you're pretty much locked in the fighting top ranked people. And then if you get through that, all right, now you've run the gauntlet. Good luck. But they're doing anything and everything to get that belt over the top right. So great to have a promoter. It's going to be really tough. Reese's program has always been a good fighter with heavy hands. Like, he's got knockout power. He does everything pretty damn good. Josh Taylor, again, narrowly beat him. But other than that, I don't know who's going to beat Regis program at one 40. I think he gives everybody a problem. Yeah. He is that type of focus TO would be the best shot. Yeah. But even that, it's not an easy fight for TO. Nobody's going to have an easy time with Reese's program. No. Nobody. Nobody. So we'll see where he goes, but I know there's a lot. Black Friday probably won't do it next. It'll be a terrible idea because you locked in Adrian broner to a three fight deal. I have to use the quote fingers for those of you listening. Three fight deal. If that's your first fight, the Regis beats the shit out agent broner, what do you have left? Yeah, it's not great. So yeah, I don't know who Asian brown advice first, I mean, it looks like they're gonna announce it at the Crawford fight. For whatever it's worth, but it shouldn't be registered. Still don't know where they're getting this money. And I probably shouldn't know. You don't want this is one of those ones. You know, like you walk in and you're like, how'd that happen? You don't want to know. You don't want to know where this dope money came from. Yeah, yeah, so that's the fight from last week. So that was good. Rolling that into this weekend. Three vents. 'cause it's two fights and exhibition. Well, we briefly doing white one. Oh, he did. B Jermaine for Ireland and. Looks like. I thought he won, but it looks like, you know, you can fight Anthony Joshua again. AJ wants to tune up. Which is good? I think AJ needs it. He needs to confidence boost. He just saw a deli a white upper cutting to help. He's in a weird, like Anthony Joshua was not built for tune up fights. In his head. That's an AJ problem. Again, Anthony Joshua was the best resume in all the heavyweights. He's fought everybody. If you tell him, take a tuna fight, he'd be like, no. Right? He wants the best now.

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