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And i'm gonna put all that towards getting on podcast and last year. I got on one hundred podcasts. As guest. who one hundred. I applied to about four hundred podcasts. And i got on one hundred as a guest and almost all of them have been published and the thing about that was when i first started doing them. I was a little scared. Voice was a little shaky. I didn't have a good light. I mean right now. It's a little bright. But like i didn't have a mike i didn't. I had my headphones on the street. Like i was calm. The central new bh. And everybody do it. But i had something important to say. I had this passion for marketing for business for small business and especially at that time. I knew the stuff that i was doing in my business was keeping the afloat rang and i wanted to share that with other people. But i really didn't know how to get it out there. Further because networking was kinda my main vehicle for and so. I started doing these podcasts. And i started i did. Sometimes they did four day by day and these were hour long shows a forty minute shows. Sometimes to our shows is insane. And i would do a podcast and i'd walk away from it going. That was awful. I said this. And i should have said that and i just would like analyze heck out of it and then i do another one behind. That guy was so cool law to do that. One again you know. And i walk away from another one. That was awful. You.

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