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Some years later dr drouin i be traveling around playing all these different colleges and somebody would come up to me from cincinnati and go hey dingell tie and i feel like i i always associated with kevin and beans road always would confuse me for second i would you live in awhile era and now we still listen to announce like a regional in salt lake all of your in kentucky they call the the dingell boy i i the racial slur it was it was just kidding somehow getting paid seventy five bucks a pop for lane the thing down the took twenty minutes was insane to me big big cash yeah and then uh also the common bit that goes around nowadays on a wall on the lottery yo shows its here in los angeles a ryan seacrest does it it's called a ryan's roses it's whereas sets the someone gets cheated on and in the catch them live on the radio i i need everyone to know that's not real mr rack that's exactly is called a war the roses but yeah i know comedians that do the voices of the people getting caught in the get paid hunosa everything are selling those past letters would have paid it makes me so mad when you have really great shows like kevin being like getting grow a podcast like about last night as uh that do original bits and original comedy that are that are the hosts and are their creations nebiolo nova men that ryan roses bit all is well it's illegal to record people yes in laissez out everywhere california well not nevada that's why we went to crank anchor ally as the latter biased you can any time you hear depending on what state your and i think there is about.

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