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Hundred service. Hey, you provided a wonderful transition into our Disney discussion. So we talked about some fun things of re related Pero. And I just love your perspective about the stat. Check protocols and wanna really invite our listeners to to to take a dive in and start to incorporate that in their practices. Let's bridge over to Disney and talk about the legendary Disney a customer service because it truly is that and you you already talked about it in terms of value. I I've always said that people will pay for what they want long before the pay for what they need. And I think, you know, even if you look at Disney's results during the downturn in eight nine when when the economy was literally literally imploding, Disney did pretty well. Oh, yeah. So share a little bit about your perspective on Disney customer service, and how that can relate to enhancing customer service centre practice. Well, you know, a lot of it is is about branding is about vision. We talked about this off line, the vision of Disney, as it has evolved in most people who even if they never thought about Disney as as a management company only thought about it is the entertainment world, but dizzy as a management company most people only know one of the CEO's of Disney other than Walton worldwide, and that would be Michael Eisner, and what Michael Eisner did for Disney was to change not the values of the company, but the vision of the company and now we're at a state where Disney owns Star Wars. Disney owns marvel, and it is a different kind of company from vision standpoint, but not from value standpoint. In fact, the values remain. I would say firmly embedded in not only the history of the company, but the future direction of the company. Agreed. And we see this very very often dentistry. We see dentists sort of reaching for the so the the brass rate, and they're always going around this Mary around reaching for this. And what that tends to do. And I guess I'm old enough to use a record analogy if that spindles not that clearly rooted in the center of that that record it spins off the platter, and what happens is if you if you can center your practice in in a very strong value like what Disney did from the beginning. And you could then still grab for for the rain, but it has to work from that center. And my first experience at Disney this goes back to the early seventies..

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