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Mitch Trubisky, Matt Stafford, Shawn Watson discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Maybe. I don't know after what happened in Minnesota. Here the apple in our quarterback draft. We did our go. Did Mitch Trubisky go before Matt Stafford, I believe so Mitch. Trubisky was selected before breeze luck, Matt Ryan, and Matt Stafford. Why didn't take him? I know just I'm not naming names. Wasn't this the quarterback whisper in here. Fritzy I did take Mitchell, Mitchell, Trubisky, Mitchell. I think he's got some big years ahead, no big years in front of them right now or behind bears, took them over Mahomes just like a month ago and Watson. What happened to our love affair for Shawn Watson that ended quickly didn't. That was a quick cooling off period starts out well, last year, then he gets injured. Then this year they haven't won a game all of a sudden we're onto the next quarterback, but also keep keep in mind with Trent Dilfer set in the first hour. There are so many talented, quarterbacks, young quarterbacks, who are they're going into college already into college, and there's only so many starting spots in the NFL. I wonder about the long jeopardy of certain quarterbacks now because you're gonna have a better version. It feels like every couple of years and you might not want to sign up long-term with with some of these quarterback do have anymore meet Friday songs scene. Yeah, we do. And actually one of them will here a play. There's an original that play second. Okay. But here we go. You might recognize this. You gotta get..

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Mitch Trubisky, Matt Stafford, Shawn Watson discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

The Dan Patrick Show 1 year ago

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