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And talked on phone, and I compose myself going to discern college. My grandma doesn't know anything about me. For two and a half years I haven't come, I have bothered. Come visit her. Oh my gosh I know and I'm like what you. Somebody's color the truth. Instead of trying to shelter her investment. And she's a hundred two years old. Like, she could barely big. I love you. And you know she. Got Now. Sorry. sorry that. You didn't even get to finish. With anything. I talked to you and I feel better. At this point, the two women acted more like family than friends. Anita regularly gave money to Kimberly to put in her commissary account and remembered to send a birthday card. She helped Kimberly still in confinement in the county jail. Renew her driver's license and became her power of attorney. And I told her mom, I said once my cases over, and if I get my insurance. I'm. GonNa go hair. Attorney took. Care of her. Get my crap out of the waivers I. He. Trust me. There's nothing I wanNA. Do More than to help you know. I said I just can't do it right now. Yeah, I was like I. can't because they are looking for anything. And Nail my back in jail. Sometimes, their conversations were more lighthearted. They joked about the jailhouse toilets or complained about men and. Aren't they? Were just going to be like hot single. Women over the age, of forty. I JUST WANNA. Love her. Yeah, really. We're going to be tubers. Four years after Robert Stuff Anita's trial began in late, two, thousand, fourteen, in the Sanford Florida courthouse north of Orlando. Anita talked about having the right demeanor as she went up against assistant state attorney Stacey Salman's. I have this stacey. She's mean. percent of my name's mentioned. Here at least it's a woman. It would be hard for me to End Up to a man saying unless you. You know what I mean I still think I. Still I can. I'll be okay. Like I. Think I'll get I'll be you know. And I think more cool and collected. I am six months. You know. Much around the. I'M GONNA cry. Like. Lawrence. Emotional. so you know if you'RE GONNA make? Yeah exactly. Yeah? Never. Know what to do your cry. They're like oh she's been trying to get symphonies. You don't like Oh, she doesn't care. If you cry. They're saying that you're trying to be over emotional. And then if you don't. I didn't think you're coldhearted. That's. Win I. Just gave up I'm just GonNa do what I'm GonNa do. I just gave up I'm. Rob Letter when the sentencing. That I had shown no remorse whatsoever. And what they're trying to save me, but every time they interview anyone..

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