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This Sunday politics and the pandemic. This election is a choice between a trump recovery and a Biden depression. With the presidential election. Now, just two weeks away, everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Let's show we are and Joe Biden leading by double digits. President Trump searching for some way to turn things around suburban women. Would you please like me? I saved you Damn neighborhood. Okay, even as tens of millions of people have already voted. Are we looking at a Biden landslide? Or could there be another shocking election night? Plus heading for a third cove? It's certain we're likely to grapple with a situation. We're really every part of the nation's going to be lit up by infection. President Trump claiming Falsely that the pandemic is disappearing. You know what Without the vaccine. It's ending to a rounding the turn attacking Michigan's governor, Gretchen Whitmer. As the lockup queen. You've got to get your governor toe open up your state. Okay as cases spike from coast to coast for Utah is now facing its most diary episode. Yet in this epidemic, Honestly, I would tell you I think Wisconsin is enterprises. North Carolinians must be even more vigilant. This morning. I'll speak to Governor Wittmer Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar and My closer home of the University of Minnesota. Joining me for insight and analysis are Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine. Former Democratic congresswoman Donna Edwards. Ashley Parker, White House reporter for The Washington Post and former Republican governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory. Welcome to Sunday. It's meet the press from NBC News in Washington, the longest running show in television history. This's meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Good Sunday morning as if we hadn't faced enough already in this year, 2020 is about to deal US two more challenges. First in just over two weeks are deeply divided Country is gonna have an election that will reveal its character.

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