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Without any sugar diet. sweeteners or calories. It's just they have this way of infusing. The water the fruit flavor. That's just the right amount available in in more than twenty five flavors. i mean. i'm not going to list them all but that would be insane twenty five. Yeah as i recall. Yeah well just remember. A watermelon was good blackberry Loved it pineapple was great. Cherry lemon clementine. Who else has it clementine flavored water. Don't answer that question. i don't wanna hear it if it's not hit i don't want it. And then they have a new flavor. Blueberry lemon incredible. It's water with a touch of fruit flavored chest. Touch you know what they center. Some of these hint water they did. They sent it to the largo theatre where we're doing our show. And you know me. I'm a skeptic. I'm always skeptical about my beverages. The very high bar. I took a sip of this hint water. And they're right. I don't know how they're doing it but they get that fruit flavored. Just the right amount. Just the right calibration the perfect perfect and realizing like this tastes more like like a clementine than actual clementine. And then i start to hate an actual clementine because it's not the hint water clementine. So i don't know i'm just telling you. This is the water to have an end with hint in my life. I think i'm going to be having so much water that i just think my skin's going to look better..

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