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After hubbard wrote about all this for the new york times. You've got an indignant phone call from a high ranking. Saudi official was major general ahmed assiri. Close confident of mb. S then the official spokesman for the saudi military operation and soon to be named deputy chief of saudi intelligence hubbard sent assyria list of detailed questions before the article ran and got back blanket. Denials of any wrongdoing by the saudis. He sent me responses. We condense those responses. Put them in publish them in the story and then he was when he saw what the final product was he was quite angry about it and call me up and complained and i mean he basically said i told you that we're not destroying yemen's economy. Why didn't you say that your story like. Why doesn't your article say that. And i said well because everything else we saw convinced me that you were so like your denial. Is you know that's not going to change. The everything that i saw when i was in yemen was after that says hubbard that a series took steps to make sure such reports never surfaced again he ban journalists from taking un flights into the country choking off access for the western media to report on. How the saudis were laying waste to the country. They profess to want to save. As ben hubbard continues reporting on the rise of m b s and the devastating impact. The yemen war. He started paying increasing attention to another curious figure who is keeping close tabs on what he is fellow. Journalists were writing. his name was sued. Al-khatani he's the henchman you heard about in the first episode of the series. A former journalist turned hacker who landed a position as the real courts media monitor under king abdullah then king abdullah dies his previous boss and kingston man comes in in two thousand and fifteen and soon autonomy basically makes his pitch to mb. S that you know. I have all these skills that i can use to help you. On your way up you know you have a lot of people who are out to get you. And i know a lot about how do this online stuff that's going to help you. Out and mvs brings them on as deputy and his power just increases for a number of years. He just becomes a huge huge deal. Nbs gives him tremendous resources which he uses to sort of do a kind of electronic somewhat electronic warfare in favor of nba. Some of what tommy was doing during this period was eerily similar to what the russian internet research agency was doing just about the same time to disrupt two thousand sixteen american presidential election creating bots and fake social media. Accounts to concoct narrates Tommy's case the goal was clear to promote the strategic goals m b es and to target his enemies. Now i wanted to ask you about something. He created called the black list the blacklist. This was a very sort of mccarthy. You know where he basically got on his twitter feed which by then had millions of followers and he was a huge force on the saudi twitter spirit and he basically said we're not going to accept any any any criticism from people and we want our citizens to all fall in line. And so i want basically he call on his followers to.

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