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I think Toronto worry as it speaks. So well to the game. This is this this is what the game of basketball. We like to think in manically is all about I'll I'll take you back a forty two years to a very specific scenario. The seventy Sixers of Dr J and George mcginnis, and we'll be free. I think he was still Lloyd in those days and Darryl Dawkins and Bobby and Steve mix at all. Okay. They were very much more glamorous team than the than young Portland trailblazers. And and it was billed this. A contrast of the flashy town. Laden team versus the T E A M. And of course, led by the greatest all around center in the history of the game in my judgment. But anyway, and who prevailed after the first, well, we know who prevailed. So I mean, yes, it's this is an I it speaks for the dynamics of the game that that what you're saying. Here's the key to Milwaukee. We talked about earlier they all understand their off content in their roles. And Secondly there they have an identity on defense, which includes very much includes at the combo, but they have an identity they've given themselves on defense. And that hasn't changed in. That's not flickering at all. And so it works. Yeah. That that's working very well for them without having this abundance of of all star game. Participants Cronos knows that hiring and retaining a modern workforce of salaried hourly full and.

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