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Well. Good afternoon Boston. It's Vinnie Penn, filling in for a vacationing Vehbi. Mama just checked my Twitter excited to see that a few of you have hopped right on its act. Vinnie Penn. I wasn't excited to see that I Tweeted just a little over an hour ago that I had a lot of trucks up my sleeve for today's show, And I don't know why Lightning didn't bring that to my attention did see that. I know you did, and I retweeted it and then I was like, Well, I already got it up. So I shouldn't say I don't know, because you know you're the you retweeted it and so did And so did our guests from from bright Bar, and now it's like, Well now I can't take it down. Incorrect. Twitter doesn't have the edit. Option A is still frustrates me. So I'm like, Well, I've got to re tweets and I don't want to sacrifice them. I'm going to ignore the typo. I have trucks up my sleeve. I was the one I was at a new phrase when I first saw you really on top of it with these new phrase, it's I do. Try hard. Don't I come across that way, But no, I don't have any trucks up my sleeve. Oh, so So aggravated to see that but I can't like I said, I'm holding a Twitter I hear is unveiling. They've already begun Unbound. Maybe I just need an update and edit function. I hope so. It's sofa. It's gotta frustrate the hell out of the president. To that end. We're looking for your calls. Right now. It's 617 to 66 68 68. I want to check in with Arthur from Rockland, who's been on hold for a couple minutes and I appreciate that. Good afternoon, Benny. And it's nice to talk to you again. Haven't talked to you in a while. I think I think it's faras. The debate went last night. There was there was no doubt as to who won the debate. It was definitely fence all the way. He was a class act. He is a polished debater. And Actually, Carmela should have been on dancing with the stars because that's all she did was dance around the questions instead of ants of them, and it just amazes me that she comes in unarmed. And in with stuff that's not factual. And one thing that I have a question about turned 2016. If you remember during the debates, they had facts, checkers all over the place in the day after the debates. They came out with How many lines with their Hominy Pinocchio's that each candidate yet what happened to that money? Yeah, well, I think all of that This is a unique here. You have to admit that our surgeon in 2020, we can't be bothered with that. We've just got to let the dishes fly. Let everything but the kitchen sink fly. That's the order of the day. That's too much legwork. You're right. You're right. You're absolutely right. But I no. Go ahead. I think 11 thing. It's fire as Trump inquiry tha he should go ahead with the town hall format on his own. And go down there and and just hold it Azin by himself and have people in there. Let the audience has some questions. Direct. But he should buy the air time. So it's televised because you know that the networks won't cover it. Yeah, well, I'll tell you and there are many on the left who are ready to just say I don't even believe he ever was sick. But he is a living breathing. As far as I'm concerned, testament to resilience and strength and What a stunning post debate. Ah, situation that wass. I appreciate the call Arthur. It's Vinnie Penn filling in for V B. Progress is a game of inches. And at Luray Caverns and Inch can take 120 years. Come see what for? Million. Centuries worth of progress. Looks like Blue Ray Caverns. What will you Discover..

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