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A new oxygen tanks for him and grabbing on to a hose and spraying water. Whatever. We're a family here, sweet we take care of each other officials urging residents to shelter in place after possible tornadoes. Touchdown cruise gearing up for rescue and damage assessments. We do have an urgent from the National Weather Service for Connecticut. There is a tornado watch course This is the precursor to a warning, So it's not a severe but there is a threat. In the following counties of Connecticut, Hartford, Wyndham, Litchfield and Tolan Tallinn counties of Connecticut right now, so we're watching. That is some very heavy storms move into parts of Connecticut. This is all part of the tropical storm system that's headed our way. Now, plenty of utility crews from out of state have arrived in New England to help Rhode Island and Massachusetts with the power restoration once the storm hits National grid, accepting the help, and Kim Tan a cliff has more from Providence. They're ready to go. The 270 crews from the service Electric company in Tennessee are staging in Providence, where trucks are lined up row after row in the parking lot of the Marriott. The crews are here to help national grid with its storm response in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Part of our group is working on Nash if tonight so we're expecting the storm to move in tonight. Those guys will take the first wave of it and part of this will be on the day shift tomorrow services. Trick, General Foreman John Rouse says they could be here for up to a week. Depending on how hard the storm hits our area. 3 to 5 days, maybe seven. We have enough help. We can get things put back together rather quickly in Providence, Kim Tana Cliff W. B Z Boston's news Radio, 48 new footage of George Floyd's arrest and death. Have been leaked to the media. The video is from the body cameras of two police officers involved in the arrest. CBS's Jeffrey Gaze with details for the first time to leak body camera video show the encounter with George Floyd from the officer's perspective. In one officer Thomas Layne confronts Floyd trying to get him out of an SUV. A gun. Aimed in his direction Now later in the footage, Floyd drops to the ground..

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