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And there And Tondena or Ondine is a famous name from European mythology. The German writer director Christian Petzold puts his own spin on the legend. This Indiana, played by Paula Beer lives in present day Berlin and works as a city historian. You wouldn't guess that there's anything supernatural about her or that she is bound by a single rule. If a human lover betrays her, she must take his life. We see her preparing to do just that. Early on. When her latest boyfriend, Johannes tells her he's leaving her for another woman. Petzel takes a somber, realistic approach to this outlandish premise. There are no obvious visual effects, and Indiana's mythological origins are never spelled out. But the story unfolds with such sly matter of fact, nous that I soon found myself immersed in it. Before she has time to deal with Johannes Andina is swept off her feet by another man, Christoph. And the two plunge headlong into a love affair that consumes them both and, like most of Indiana's love affairs is not fated to end happily. Christoph is played by Franz Rogowski, who appeared together with Paula Beer in Petzold. Previous film Transit. The actors are captivating to watch, and the reunion here adds to the movies faintly otherworldly feel. Petzel likes to use genre to illuminate different chapters of German history, and Tondena is no exception. His filmmaking is so elegant and concise that you may not realize he's slipping in a lesson on the history of Berlin itself, a history of war devastation and reconstruction. Which Tondena has long born witness. She's a truly timeless heroin in a movie that I've seen multiple times now and which becomes more mysterious and magical, with each revisit. Justin Chang is film critic for the L A Times he reviewed the new Pixar film Luca and the German film Tondena. Tomorrow on fresh air. Our guests will be Renee Elise Goldsberry. She was one of the stars of the original Broadway production of Hamilton and won a Tony for her performance as Angelica Skylar. Now she's a star of the new comedy series Girls five ever about the members of a nineties girl group who reunite when the women are middle aged. Tina Fey is one of the executive producers. I hope you'll join us. Fresh.

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