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So. Yet. Here, from Green, that's for darn sure. Greenie will. Not You? No No. All all you'll have is green split-screen when that happens I'll tell you that that's for sure that's for sure and he's going to have all the. All. The kids that are young has the second half Henderson for Jacksonville. One wouldn't kill junior for. The. Echoes. Great Rookie I love it. We're we're focused on the jets got. No it's okay. We've got more time I'll have you back on anytime talk you the best next to the time. Really appreciate it are. You got it. That's Todd mcshay of ESPN right here on the rich Eisen show the best. GimMe Minute, here you got. I mean going jets wormhole hair Amazon really wormhole. Okay. Black hole it is. Accent is totally early. It's knee-jerk but you did see Greenie, a Mike Greenberg ed going all in on gas needs to go. He's ruining Sam Darnold I. Don't know if that's because he did rename his children's Sam Darnold doesn't want to rename the Mikhailian Becton. Switch to Trevor and Lawrence I just don't know May I. One of his kids could actually be named Trevor or Lawrence. Those are two first names. Okay. It's possible. Possible. So. Yeah. Jet Phantom is we we are on the edge of the George Washington Bridge Right now looking down. We are and it's open because I. Honestly. Honestly, you look at the roster of people that are round. Sam Darnold and they do not inspire confidence and they also do not appear to be the right type of talent. Amount of talent. To surround this guy so he can. Progress, like we see Josh Allen Baker Mayfield had a game last night. The darnold would have to be hard pressed to have because maybe he doesn't have a running back. They could run at twenty four times four, hundred, twenty, four yards. Maybe doesn't have a wide receiver like Odell Beckham who can get open or a tight end like Austin Hooper I know Chris Herndon his talented, but I think you see what I'm saying and you put it all together and through the attrition of a season that we're already seeing with Levy on bell being on injured reserve. And you look at it scheduled like the San Francisco forty, niners needing a win. Coming in. At Owen one taking on the jets and then you look over the steering wheel and see Indianapolis they have to visit the colts who may have to welcome in Denver, an early Thursday night game. Now, they do have an opportunity to win that game because it's Denver having to travel on a short week and a pandemic. Then, they have cuyler Murray coming into their house, and they have to visit here to Los Angeles before having buffalo come right back and visit Kansas City and then have new New England common before visiting Miami and then there's a Bali. And then they visit my Miami right after the by. Vegas coming in, have to visit Seattle visit the Rams Cleveland than at knowing when there's last three or four on the road and a pandemic in December. Put it all together. For and it's. It's they're they're they're in the running for it there. For the first pick and if they have the first pick in the draft and I know this is four months in advance of this conversation but you can look over the steering wheel and see the road. If they have the first pick in the draft and they do todd mcshay said, they should do laughed about it laughed about it doesn't think they're going to have the first overall pick if not them then who and then if they do have it. And they do trade away. The pick for a king's ransom number one if you're in the AFC don't bother calling. Because the jets making this maneuver. We'll have to watch trevor laurence do his thing elsewhere the entirety of his career. Will be laid at the feet of this could have been you jets and Darnold if Donald thinks the pressures on now. If the jets think the pressures on them now. Oh, my God. Take a break. We are back on the rich Eisen show your phone calls at eight, four, four, two, four, rich check on our poll question set up the second hour with Sham Sharoni about what went down on the Celtics. Locker. This season get football on your time with NFL game pass. You can catch every snap from every game with full replays and see all of the place and just forty five minutes with condense games. You can relive all the gutsy calls, crazy catches.

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