Fifteen Hundred Teachers, Two Hundred Radio Stations, Chile discussed on Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


As it happens kaya co-founded reconstruction while she was running a global learning lab for teach for all. I was spending my time traveling the globe working with communities to help them think about how to transform education and when the pandemic hit i was grounded and i thought this is as good a time as any to try to work on this moonshot project that i had in back of my head. The global pandemic of course upended more than teach for all work when he could see its effects. Plan across the entire network. T. trawl and each of the teach fours across countries would be one of the things you would think would be massively affected by the pandemic asteroid. Right it's the congregation of places we've seen troubles with schools. Can we teach online. Should get back to person what's happening with socialization of our children. It has been of course just a very challenging year for sure it was also just a year for network. I mean. I think we were kind of built for this. Within a week of march fifteenth. Or whenever we had fifteen hundred teachers teaching without internet whatsapp groups in four different languages with solutions. They're just flying across the. How're you keeping kids learning where they don't have access to the internet. We put a posting up about these teach for nigeria. Fellows who went to the government and said. There's no way we're gonna reach kids if we can't take over the radio station. We put this out and a bunch of people in chile cy alumni of insane utility and said. We're going to start a radio station. And within two weeks they were on two hundred radio stations with their episodes. Now they're creating the what they're calling the net flicks of education basically a podcast library. And they're saying it's never going to go away and now we have a whole community of practice among people all over the world a year ago. I too was worried. I mean these many countries we're going to see such a diversion of resources to food security health. Would all these organizations make it and they have all made it. They were more than made it their thriving. There.

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