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Knee center. Help you feel new again. Yes. Yes. Okay. So related to this number five. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross stepped in it. CNBC with that Andrew Ross Sorkin handsome young man. Yes. And he said he didn't understand why the federal workers are all going to food pantries to get food for their families when they get just down alone. Great to get food. I don't really quite understand why. Because as I mentioned before the obligations that they would undertake Sayeh borrowing from the Bank or credit union or in effect. Federally guaranteed. Okay. So you're saying go get a loan you if you don't have getting paid. You are guaranteed that you will be paid by the federal government. So they go to the Bank and you get along. Wait in line for food. Does it take you to get a loan done alone? Right. Oh, I haven't even gotten to that part yet holda. I've just saying you can go to the food pantry Wilbert. I never been to if we pantry. First of all, you go to get the food you go home. You eat the food. You go to the Bank you fill out paperwork, and then they do a credit report. And then they do all this other stuff with you. And then they find out you're not getting paychecks it, right? And then they go your kids federal guaranteed. You'll eventually get a paycheck. But we'll get you your loan in six weeks. Meanwhile, the food pantry gave you your apples to date. Then you get to eat. I mean, this is so simple. This has gotten. I cannot believe how completely out of touch is so much. So even the president even the president. Maybe whatever shouldn't have said that. I haven't heard the.

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