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Was like you had no idea. You came here really prepared and unprepared for what you were going to face so that. So that's one of the places i really. I don't outrageous. And so that's one of the places i point blame. Of course. I already talked about the tv people that they put that style in there for the fans. They don't know what it's going to produce. That's gonna produce a snooze. You know and i just but having said all that can. I thought they were rounds. Where because the other guy because casimiro to champion was so unprepared so out of sorts out of sync out of rhythm that regard the had rounds where he did counter with a left hand. He did make a mess. He did catch them here in even though he only through like four and a half punches all night but you know and i thought that you can make an argument that rigging the al one. I know that's going to drive a lot of people crazy. But i'm at it with the way i look at it really deep. I'm not just looking at it where i. I wish this wasn't happening where i can't believe they put this on. I'd rather i watched like the movie. Heidi you know what i mean. I i was. I was like you know i'm looking at it in a very careful precise way. And which is that's how brought up. That's that's the world. I live in and i thought it will enough rounds where he could have eked out a draw. Maybe even been tiny bit ahead. But definitely i didn't take you. One was a split decision. He won on one judge's card. So i'm not arguing with that judge but one sixteen one twelve one seventeen one eleven other two judges that went to casimiro. I thought they were wrong again. I don't mind giving it to casimiro. But i thought it was closer. It was tara. Bowl was sustained but it was closer because what i just said because of what has a merrill didn't do more than because of what reagan de al did and i'll tell you i. I thought that. I just thought that with with that. Go with the bian. Closer as i say some that a lot of people probably going to look at an unfavorable way at the end of the day. I would say i understand not giving it to reagan. The al because he didn't earn it he didn't deserve it. I that's why i hesitate. I wanna i hope people understand that. But i'd say it again because i believe in what i'm saying. Because he lost he kind of lost a right to complain about a decision. You know not that he won it but it was close enough with. He can't he can't be that guy complaining because by behaving the way that fighting more to survive then to win for most of the night he didn't really earned the right tavist hand raised. So in that way. I understand casimiro getting the fight it and i understand the mentality. Thinking of a judge gave it to that way. I do have a judge said you know what i'm trying to charge it in a in a proper way in a professional way in an unbiased way Purely by the amount of punches landed and not landed. But i can't. it's close enough where i'm gonna. I can't give it to a guy who who performed his way didn't really try to win. I didn't sit down really more than thirty seconds in a fight. I try to win. i can't give it to him. So that's my that's my whole analysis And my very thorough really breakdown of all dimensions of what took place that night. And i add one other thing just to make sure the executives don't have a change of heart and try to hire me on top of that they who do they put on the undercard. They put a they put. They put gary russell. Now gary russell was an olympian. Gary russ who had a lot of amateur fight. Gary russell lost the title. Full title fight against lohman shackle years ago and lohman changle beat him handily but gary was. Who's a really good boxer. He is he's really good technical box. Good hand speed. Good legs good instincts. But he's safety i boxer. He's a guy that has the temperament we're talking about about. You know the sweet science about being real smart nothing wrong with it. But he doesn't make exciting fights. He wins he's efficient but he doesn't make exciting fights. So what do the people at showtime that guy woodson's name espinosa. Whoever that guy is over there getting paid all that money the head guy and whoever else is making these decisions who they think espinosa's really good friends with conor mcgregor. So what do they do. Conor mcgregor nickname for him was the weasel of. Oh well say that louis. Oh okay. I got ya. I got that says a lot. That says a lot when you call somebody a weasel that says a lot that says it all and that was right to his face on stage at a press conference. I think if someone calls you weasel at a press conference you're fighting you just have to fight even if you're going to get a beat agree you call me a weasel now you have to be. That's the bottom of the barrel. I agree with you. Can i mean like. I said there's no need for me to to try to explain the kind of person as for noses all of that some people think he is put it that way that does mean is that other than to just say he's a weasel a weasel all right so now what does he do to make sure that nobody that night will be awake because a couple of label know still. I was awake. I dragged to cappuccinos right. So i stayed awake but to make sure that non coffee drinkers. You know while also gonna be on the coffee..

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