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Siriusxm channel eighty newspaper. Tried to do some work here. Man yeah things are out of control you know. I got nothing. I'm supposed to be professional here. He's got a very busy day. Okay so we're trying to. I take after this man. Be sure to check out. I take after this all right so earlier in the show we mentioned. Mike tannenbaum saying on. Get up that baker mayfield at best is the fifth best quarterback in the afc which led us to having keys. Rankings where you give us the concept keys real rankings brought to you by dell for your small business call adele technology advisor today at eight seven seven asked del key go through and we're going one baker in the afc well clear cut. Is patrick mahomes at number one. There's no argument from anybody. There obviously the former mvp two time superbowl appearing one time. Winning young five hundred million dollar quarterback out of kansas city at number one number two is an emerging kid named josh allen who took people by storm surprise last year. Stefan digs his main target came over from minnesota in his career in life change forever. He got some mvp votes. Let's see what he does a second time around. Now that he has stefan digs number. Three lamar jackson a guy that was giving advice maybe to look at another position he said no. I'm playing quarterback and are not running the forty for y'all either in all these all he's done since then is taking his team to three straight playoff appearances along with an mvp trophies sitting somewhere in his office at number four. A young not young quarterback. I'm sorry but a quarterback in las vegas. Fizi is extremely happy. About the raiders making this list endeared car he gets no respect at all but i think he's one of the top four quarterbacks in the afc conference is not his fault they lose a lot of games. That's for damn sure at number five. Justin herbert a kid. That was drafted a year. Go out of oregon didn't necessarily expect to play the beginning of the year but because of a doctor a certain doctor in the los angeles chargers organization he got the opportunity to play. Thanks to that particular doctor and we saw what he was able to do. Let's see if he could keep it up. I think he can now. Here's where it gets interesting number six. A lot of people would say you just like him because he's black. That's what people would say. No i like him. Because i think he's going to be good in cam. Newton the quarterback of the new england patriots last year at the beginning of the season. He started off okay. It could've beaten seattle if it wasn't for bobby wagner an inch. He could beat the buffalo bills if he put the ball in his left hand instead of his right he fumbled and if he didn't have covert maybe his season doesn't go as bad despite not having any weapons. Bill belichick josh mcdaniels. Mr crap certainly saw it. They went out there. They spent money in the off season bringing in weapons. Two best tight ends available. They got in free agency nelson aguilar kenyan-born kendrick born. You think about all the things that they did this off season to be successful in new england i know they drafted a quarterback they should have camps and little old. They need to make sure the future secured so there. You go to number seven another quarterback that people frown on carson wentz carson wentz believes the philadelphia eagles and goes to the indianapolis colts with frank right former hit a former office coordinator who got him right in philadelphia and he was there to help them go ahead and win a super bowl. He didn't play in the super bowl. Nick foles did and was the mvp in kind of went downhill for carson. Wentz from there. I think he gets a rebirth with the indianapolis colts. They are a super bowl continuing ready team right now in that list. And that gives you the number eight where you have baker mayfield. Baker mayfield is sitting at eight. Okay so the question that. We're getting on twitter. Where's to shawn watson. Can't put the sean in the situation. Right now. can't put him can't put him on the list because of the situation. We don't even know if he's gonna play like what's what's the story so i didn't wanna put the sean list. Even though he's in the afc in technically on a roster he hasn't been cut release suspended nothing but so much uncertainty swirling around. Him is just very hard to just put him on the list. So for you guys. Watching on tv baker mayfield. You see the list. Baker mayfield number eight. The question becomes if you have the eighth best quarterback in the afc not the nfl the afc. You pay them in absolutely. Every single quarterback on that list will get paid or have gotten paid cam newton dear car. All of those have gotten paid baker. Mayfield certainly is going to get paid. It's the market market value. What is the market. It's a forty million dollar number. Oh god not for that type of guy who drives a bus well okay. I like good bus drivers. Why do i need a bus driver. Did they're crashing the car all the time. Hey the need a guy who is continuing to get better her. Mike tannenbaum city had one good year. Yes one good year out of three. Guess what he had the other two years. He had incompetent head coaches in office. A coordinators trying to teach him how to play professional football. He gets kevin's defence. Key in there. They changed things around. He gets better the second half of the season as he grasps the offense and understanding what it is that they're trying to get him to do he's doing all this without oh. Bj now oh. Bj goes back into the lineup. This year. form. Nick kareem hunt jarvis..

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