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I say no to a lot of stuff way more than I say, yes. But guess what that means? That means that I have consistent revenue coming in. That means I've been able to grow my business to multi millions over the last few years. And it also means that I get a lot more time with my husband, and my son and my dog, and I really get to call the shots. I ventured out into this online world to create an online business because I didn't wanna boss anymore. I didn't want someone telling me what to do or went to do it. And so having a digital core. Business allows me to be the boss my own boss. Call the shots and also again not pill pulled pulled in a few different directions. I think that's the one thing. I really wanted to get away from furnish. And one of my big takeaways here less is more. I mean think about these. Numbers at Amy sharing ninety percent of her revenue comes from these three courses soon to be two and guess what? She's great at all of those three things her team is able to become great at all those three things because that's what their focus is there following that. One course until success. Guess what? Her adspend is not getting out of control because he's not doing ten other things while the ads are running and nobody's paying attention to them. They know their numbers in side out because this is what they do. This is where ninety nine zero of her revenue comes from an chinos those numbers, so Amy I wanna cut to the chase. Because so many people struggle when it comes to creating digital courses you've created three great ones that have brought you multiple millions of dollars per year. But what are some of the struggles that people have creating digital courses? One of the biggest ones that pops up is what if my ideas and good enough. What if I spend all this time effort and money creating? Digital course. And then I put it out into the world, and no buddy buys it. And here's the thing back in the day. When until you a quick story when I first came on the scene, I knew like from day one when I left Tony Robbins. I knew I wanted to create digital.

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