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The hook. It's gonna be It's gonna be the mic right? Listen, the quarterback position is always micro dissected. This poor kid. I mean, after every snap Twitter is going to be a blaze both both positively negatively. Let me throw one theory at you. Well, actually, two The first one is relatively benign. I think the second is more interesting. So let's get the first one out of the way. Maybe the reason why the veterans didn't vote or I mean, obviously everybody vote him. Captain is because of the comments he made about the playbook that that stuck with them that he wasn't quite ready. But it was a year ago, and I think, and I think it was to contrast where he is now. Which is he's in full command of it. He thinks he is. Yep. Yep. Okay. I tend to agree. Which is why I thought that was of the two. The The less interesting of the two. I don't want to see. Completely. Not interesting. I'd like to think it was somewhat interesting. I throw it out there. But Brian Flores about this Brian floors went through a few trusted veterans, Okay? And said, Let's let's not making captain Let's held responsible. Not only lets Yes, I guess that that's a possible possible bride byproduct of it, but more like we don't know if he's going to be the quarterback. We might trade for DeShaun Watson. Like they still could trade for the Shawn Watson. Yeah. So you know what? Whomever his most trusted confidants and those guys who carry the water and deliver the messaging for Brian Flores, because can't always be the coaches, you know. Maybe it was communicated to them in some way. You know? Hey, guys, let's let's go. It's going a different direction with the captain. I doubt it was over like that, because I mean, I remember doing this in my days. It really was just kind of. It's just a feeling that you get when you're on a team and the team starts to to take its shape as the off season and the and the regular in the preseason get underway. You just kind of feel Who's in charge. You know what I mean? Like who's going to be the Belle Cowling Offences quarterback one running bags into the wide receiver, special teams guy that's going to do it. Who's going to lead the team? Defensively? You just you kind of get that feel. I think maybe to his personality might have something to do with this because he doesn't have that loud, bombastic. Like overly cocky personalities, not Zach Wilson does, by the way, I don't think Zack comes across his cocky, I think, is very, very confident, Confident, Cock different to me. It's the same thing. It's from a quarterback that perspective. It's It's the same thing like you. You're either carrying yourself like you're the the man or you're not Okay, right. And to me, it's cocky. Confidence doesn't doesn't matter. I don't think to. It carries himself like that. I don't think he walks into the room like this is my blank and room, right? I'm we're going places and you guys gonna get behind me and lied and I'm going to lead you. Right? I don't like to. It behaves that way. You think a lot of other quarterbacks? Absolutely. They didn't even know I was just I phrased it wrong. How many other quarterbacks if you're right about two? Uh, if that's the way he acts, and you might be How many other quarterbacks do you actually think carry themselves in a way that is less demonstrative and less confident or cocky. They can't be too many of them in the NFL. Uh, look, I don't think Lamar Jackson's that way. But Lamar Jackson gets on the field, and he's just like, all right, let's go. And he just balls. What about Kirk Cousins? Um, actually, I think Kirk cousins is probably that way because he He addresses everything. He he addresses the flea in the room and the elephant in the room. Kurt Cousins does not hide behind the fact that he's the start like whatever issues out there, he addresses it right as to why that issue that he had. Who is it was Stefon Diggs a couple of years ago. It just kind of got worked out because he addressed it, and they ended up doing okay for the rest of that season. After we had a tough, tough year. Uh, there you're right. There probably aren't many of them. But this is not to illuminate the guys that are doing it the way that I that I said, it's the guy who's not, and that's that's that's to it. He doesn't come off as that kind of player. Now. He may be. I don't know. I'm not in that locker room, but he doesn't feel like that kind of player. I find this interesting so You know Philly, All right. Jalen hurts, played a few games last year well, played a few games last year. To a first round pick top 10 J would hurt second round pick. He's the captain. Okay, meaning that hurts is a captain and and brother who's Who's Jalen hurts. Walks around like that. I'm just telling you Who do you think the captain for Washington Uh, the quarterback room. He is. Of course, guys been there two minutes. He's named Captain. Yeah, but he's Ryan Fitzpatrick Does that means Ryan Fitzpatrick? Don't make it like his damn Marina. Okay, but I don't I don't forget his statistics. Forget what we think we know about Ryan Fitzpatrick or the negative or positive opinions we have about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brian Fitzpatrick is a legend in NFL locker rooms. I'm just telling you, he's legendary because of who he is how he walks in, and he's just there. Right. He has so much respect, no matter where he goes, he's beyond reproach is nothing negative that anyone can say about him Other than you had a bad season here. They're right. Or you stunk. Here there. Uh, you know, the Jalen hurts example is an interesting one. Filly isn't as in a transition year like they don't really know what's going on. And I know if anybody knows what's going on with with with with that team, but Jalen hurts. You saw it when he was at Alabama as a freshman, he took them to the college football playoff. He gave way to tour and didn't say boo about it and was a great leader behind the scenes behind to, uh, he gets them back the next year and pushes them into the championship. When tour got got got hurt and beating Georgia and the SEC championship, and then he transfers to Oklahoma. And he throws 33 touchdowns and Russia's for 20, right. He was he was unbelievable, like in any, and he commanded it just like that in Lincoln Riley system, which was vastly different then Nick Saban system at the time where I think it was Lane Kiffin system at the time. Um so Jalen hurts is that dude? I don't know if tour has that personality that we're talking about. And does that pretend that he's going to fail? Maybe, but we'll see. Do you think the Texans going to vote? They should have They voted to show and watchincaptain. I'm serious. Is he the captain? No. So so I'm looking at Wikipedia that lists all the captains. Yeah, So I'm assuming this is still for the Texans. It's still from last year because they haven't announced yet. There are a couple teams the Browns, the Cowboys. The Bears and the Ravens, who apparently announced their captains weekly. The Cowboys haven't announced their captains. They announced the captain's weekly got you, by the way. Look at the adjustment on the part of T V. What an unselfish move on my part, actually proactively getting my partner's name in the shot. Look at that. That went down yesterday is correct today. That's why they're awesome. More low and crew. Awesome. Plus, it makes Santa look like the little tiny person that he is more.

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