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Los Angeles, Miranda discussed on Hollywood And Crime


Suspects arrested back in the day and the police department would say you know they found their number one suspect and then that suspect would often be released the next day because they had an alibi or were found to be mentally unstable and in the black dahlia case alone one hundred ninety two suspects were arrested back then so joe my question to you is what was going on with these wholesale round up semi was this attitude something that was unique to la los angeles back then and has hasn't changed i don't think he was you need to los angeles i think that policing was just different i mean this is a couple of decades before miranda and they had a different notion of things like a warning of when i was saying about they were rounding up perverts this is something they would do they would just they would they usually had on names of people that they knew in an you know from the various neighborhoods and stuff who have been involved in crimes that theater kind of theater and they just pulled them in for questioning but that for the for the police at the time this suspects the ones that day who they identified in their own way those those were the problem is for in terms of numbers the real problem for them was the false confessors they had so many people confess and they can't dismiss them out of hand you can't do that you have to take it seriously unto you don't and he can prove that it's not true and there was a smorgasbord of people who just came in with all kinds of interesting reasons why they done it how they done it and just amazing and why why would they do that well.

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Los Angeles, Miranda discussed on Hollywood And Crime

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