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Job And jason has left honda and has started an amazing. Watch company at Wilbur just his last name so welcome to the show much. Go ahead and take it away from there Yeah i alluded a little bit about what you do talk if you could just kick off in about advanced designed them. We'll jump right into the watch- watching all right. Well yeah i mean. It's funny because people always ask like what does that really mean. What are these satellite studios because a lot of a lot of car studios car companies. Have these type of advanced design studios and their these kind of like you know like clandestine operations and skunkworks types of things. Nobody cares about what actually happens because a lot of times they're generating ideas that frankly kind of stop internally and they never really kind of. It's always hard to see. You know what the trickle down is in terms of what what design and what actual products and what are the things were created there that we can see on the street or that the consumer can buy or interact with a lot of times. You know if you're doing your job right as an advanced designer. Ninety nine percent of that stuff won't see the light of day. Yeah and people say well why. Why can't we just have that in. It's really our job in industries to to imagine future. That's not technically feasible yet right yet there. We have something to guidance that that's part of why we do that. Right when you say yes. I think the thing is. Is that if you're doing if you're approaching design from what i think is the correct way to do it which is think about people's the type of experienced send the type of lifestyle that the customer is going to have in ten years and twenty years and the types of needs and wants and things that you know the kind of way that their life is going to Is going to be. If you think about the experiences that they want and you think about you know like what kind of reality they're going to be encountering then you can create ideas about the products that would would work best for them and that they would resonate with them in that they would love without worrying about the constraints of current day manufacturing or cost restraints or things like that because typically that's what ends up restricting people as they say well. We wanna make a bunch of things out of this box of aluminum. What can we make. And that's a great thing if you're if you're if you're trying to manufacturers her things and you're trying to figure out ways to save cost but you've already got most companies doing that already or majority of Corporations trying to focus on certain things like that so this is really all about like. What's the dream you know. I always try to tell people like it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be awesome like yes. It's it's it's really more about like coming up with the collective dream that you can point future when you start to think about the reality or sedan with engineers and business people marketing people and he started to kind of figure out. Okay can we start to make this create the same idea in today's world. Can we possibly do with the manufacturing technologies we have and the business models that we have. Can we do it and he started. Once you start to work through that kind of process you start to chip away your idea and sometimes it sometimes and frankly at you. It's not a bad thing because it means that. Then you can say all right if we have this initial vision as long as we start to kind of put some of these realities in here and put put all the into the pot and comes out tasting good. Then you know that you've got an idea that's worth pursuing and it doesn't mean that just because it's not the spaceship you envisioned. If some of the soul and some of the feasability in some of the usability and some of the funds generated from that product if even ten percent of it ends up in the product from today sometimes. You've got a winner that way. So yeah go ahead i. I always tried to kind of look at it. This way was trying to look at it like you want in design. You always want somebody. That is an advocate for the future customer. That doesn't know what they want it yet and the thing is when you when you get there you get to that future. That's always the trick. When you've been using refunding gets about future that you were designing for as a former advanced designer myself at nissan. I always fake of that job is sort of like living in the future looking back on the present as if it's the past right when you're in because you're already living in that future when you finally get there that future feels all and you know you hear people say today like well we're supposed to have flying cars today by now and like people say well how come we don't have more of this. Is it because of the technology. How can we don't have more futuristic things on the road and things like you know coming from coming from you know Over a decade of working in the corporate side of or at least being exposed to the corporate side of the automotive industry. i. It's always funny when i tell people. I'm like what the technology's all they're all. The technology is that we're not being restricted by technology bureau being restricted by fear by consumer ability to accept things. Right very very real right now and we talked about self driving cars. Not just all of what i work on. Smaller clients he. That's the pushback i always get. Isn't the tech. It's the people's fear of what's that gonna be like right now. And i think like i think that sometimes when you're trying to sometimes it's good to kind of take a little bit of like you have to think a little bit about the psychology when you're making crazy things because it means you know you're going to. They're going to be polarizing. And i think what happens that some people are very good at doing this where you take something and you put it in a package. That is familiar. So if you're going to introduce a new technology don't put a new technology in something. That's a spaceship. That's now you're asking people to accept two things to accept like a crazy styling or a crazy design or something and you're asking them to accept a new technology. It's part of the reason why so. Many people accepted tesla. Because that car looks like a nineties mazda. The technology is great them something that they showed the the general population something. That was not the didn't scare them but it just happened to be electric. So now you start to allow people to kind of become comfortable with the technologies and once you do that then you can start pushing and pulling in different directions you know. Yeah and he was very smart so higher wrong hotels to that because he had done such a good job with mazda deal emotional accessible and really you know. They're very sexy cars that that he and his tenure at mazda and he really just kind of evolved for tesla. It's funny that you say that. I always see mazda when i see tesla because it's the same designer and one of those things that on the human people don't really know that these cars come from people's heart and soul. It's what they love and so right. That's what turns into the rent. I don't want to miss time to get into your watches. But i wanna ask you one question about cars before we jump in their work in advance. What was your favorite project at honda. may people seen it. It was a show car. What was your what's up. That comes to mind is something from honda that you're just love working on. Let's see well we actually. I think one of the favorite things. I worked on which actually scared executive so much that we ended up making a little teeny were. She'll model of at the end of a wholescale one. But it's funny. Because i i looked some some of my favorite projects are the ones that i had the most push back on and their fifteen years old and now i see everybody might i totally long ago. You know like people are like oh how come you didn't do something. Like tesla pro. You know what i'm like. Well we kind of did about fifteen years ago you know like when they first like graphics. Yeah that was a tesla truck and the thing is jason. Yeah no i mean i. I would say like one of the projects. I did that i loved the most..

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