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Which is how they won this last game by the way they were down in that game and it was like you know deep backups. Who came back to win that game. But yeah it's it's the most random thing ever because lombardi was a nut and it was a different era so i'm sure like they were. They had bart star like doing. Qb sneaks labor our saying yes. I like games but now some teams taking more seriously than others in the ravens in the patriots and there are teams. I think that you can see it by. Who plays their starters. They do take it more serious so it's a little less random but still that's insane but basically what we're going to try to do. Is bill parcells. One of my favorite parcells 'isms don't tell me about the labor. Show me the baby now. This is the inverse. We're going to tell you about the labor. The baby don't matter we don't care about the baby. Get rid of the baby. Send it off to an orphanage fine. Good luck to you baby and your life. Whatever happens to you. we're also going to bring back the hot button thermometer. Yes for nfl head coaches. Who's safe booze and a little bit of danger. Who's but is on fire going through it once. Run through thirty two. We're going to figure that out. Who were the who were the coaches to keep an eye on in terms of job. Security entering twenty twenty one. Not as many as usual. That's my preview. That's that's my bigger shorter list. I thought the same thing we're gonna get into that in a few minutes but let's start. Yes with preseason week one everyone in action. You have the hall of fame game between dallas and pittsburgh but this was the week where all thirty two kicked off. their preseason slates. Now it's three games for the first time had been four and previous to that six a now it's three and who knows where it goes from here but so each game matters a lot internally for these teams and let's share Some things that you really you know should care about the things that mattered greg going. I'll start with the patriots quarterback battle because one of the few positions. That's up for grabs with a team. That has a chance to make the playoffs this year. And i thought mack jones plane with the starting group that the offensive line starters stayed out there with mack jones when he came on for his first series mattered. That as bill belichick has shown throughout the scam giving jones a legit chance to start and then more importantly i think mack jones backed up what everyone said about him during training camp. The numbers didn't jump off the page. This is one where it really helped to watch. Because he just was very comfortable. Running the offense made good throws make good. Decisions made quick decisions in almost the entire camp. Everything i'm reading from greg in boston sports journal tom curren. And all these different writers. Mike greece like it was all sort of backed up in this preseason game where cam for the most part looked good but it's like a little slower making decisions and there's always like one player like what happened there and then that mack jones look like he belonged and i wanna take too much from it it. It's early but ron rivera jack. Del rio worth throwing a lot. Both quarterbacks that really makes a difference. I think in evaluating it. That was one team that was blitzing. And doing all this stuff and mack jones. I think really does have a chance to start week one. And if he doesn't he's playing well enough and if he keeps it up that it's just like he's putting that tape out there to start week three like he is. He's backing that up. That real quick. Because i think all the first round rookies had positive starts here mack jones. You looks exactly like the type of qe prospect. That bill checks been looking for since jimmy garoppolo and graduate. We talked about it at saturday's pool party for the young jack kansas. That new england's on fire with this guy. I have mixed feelings about this when the crowd started going a little too nuts for mac jones coming in. I'm just like why does this give me such conflicting feelings. But i think i know why but anyway so mac looked like the he looked like he's the guy that's going to be meaningful snaps this year Real quick i'll just cycle through a trae lance with that rollout than throwing across the field eighty yard touchdown Just fields with td pass and the td scramble at replaced. Andy dalton zach wilson. After some hiccups in the week leading up to this game he looked poised. Lead the jets onto scoring drives against the giants and trevor lawrence. A bounce back from that early sack and led the team. And just i mean the has anyone past the look test more than trevor lawrence. Coming into the league guarantee. Looks like a star in. Maybe that doesn't translate. But i have no concerns that trevor lawrence is not going to continue to get better. As his rookie season continues. Well lawrence lawrence was put under a lot of pressure in that game against the browns. And then he. I thought of all the group and interests weeks to go to me just fields. Just absolutely you talk about someone that cannot be suppressed. There's something about the way he throws the ball. And i kind of remember mentioned this on. Its pro day where it was paired with mack jones on multi our to our. I just think the way he throws the ball is just something that even a young child. Not a watcher of football could just see the beauty of it. And the one thing i liked about him he got off to a bit of a slow start and he worked his way out of it and there wasn't a comment that i read in the athletic from his high school coach who obsessively watches all stuffy. Said the coach's name is matt dick. He said if felt exactly like always he kind of gets the feel of things and then he takes off after that and you could just see him grow in confidence throughout that game. And if you're a bears fan. I mean you just have not seen this from the quarterback position in decades and decades and decades and he completely changes the complexion of that team. And here's another guy. He won't be starting week one. Apparently it's just a matter of time because he is counter opposite visually and athletically especially on the move and what he can do with his legs and how he's so quickly and easily through the ball on the move. Andy dalton is fine. He's fine that's the sailing he he can't do any of that stuff like you cannot. The fan base is gonna literally not just fields sitting on the sideline as he was warming up. That home crowd was going literally. It was going crazy that they've been waiting for this forever. The preseason crowds have been going nuts. I have noticed. I think people miss being football games last year. I went to the rams chargers even even that crowd with know getting into fights and go and fairly nuts for like a bunch of backups. Were you near that flight. Greg i wasn't. I wasn't aware of that until twitter. The next day. I was not involved with any of those i was not involved was not there i did. We did get on the jumbotron very quickly. Which is the big has to be the biggest jumbotron in the league. It's like wrapping around. It's it's outfields by the way i think. He has a chai summers to the mercedes benz stadium in atlanta. They're now this thing now this thing now because it goes all around and it's so be it. I think it's it's different. It's bigger i think. Feels as a shot the star we going but he has to play yes to improve each week. He's he holds the ball forever and any was making plays in. Your right arm is just like so obvious. And he is reminiscent of russell wilson. A little bit. But he's not going against matt. Flynn to get the starting job so i think he'll have to kind of like make steps each week..

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