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I am a serial entrepreneur and brand builder. Most recently, the ger media, which is a podcast network focused on female voices and audiences and sitting next to me is my lovely wife. Little bit jet-lagged in a beanie for some reason in the studio. Miss Lauren, Evert's, hang is Lauren. Everett's of the skinny confidential the blog a brand and a podcast, and I am so fucking excited for this episode. I can't even tell you. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. We discovered Dr Gunn dri about a year ago, and for listeners that have been listening to us for a long time, you if you been paying attention you've seen us or me, primarily referencing him in the past when we interview nutritionists or health experts or fitness experts because his views on plants and vegetables has been somewhat controversial also somewhat enlightening definitely has got a lot of different conversation. Started around vegetables vegetables, that could be hurting you vegetables that are good for you. And. In this interview, we really dive into it with them because he has a lot to say about the topic of vegetables and how they could be affecting our diet. And I feel like this is so fitting because we just got off a plane from Europe. And I couldn't believe when I lifted my shirt up today to check out my stomach, and it was flat. Eight so much pizza so much pasta. So much bread so much Berliners just like stuffed my face, and we get into why my stomach was flat. Whereas if I go to New York for five days, I gain literally seven pounds. So that's really really interesting. We also talk about intermittent fasting, which a lot of you have been asking me about. And I think having a doctor on here to talk about it super interesting. And then we also get into specifics on why you need olive oil and he gives brands and all the details for you guys. I learned about why I need to incorporate more Kerr syphilis. I don't know how to say that we're super okay? Let's not name our firstborn that vegetables into my diet, and whether or not I should be juicing or doing smoothies. I learned specifics on. Hermit and fasting. And we even talked about wine and champagne on this show. We try to bring on all walks of life as those that are familiar with the show, no all different perspectives. But what was so important for me to have an actual doctor about gut health on this show or around got held on the show is that we wanted to. I wanted to get the actual science behind our gut and how we processed food for me. I struggle with figuring out diets in which deiontrez to follow and it usually doesn't click in for me until I have some, you know, basically scientific backing as to why should should do certain nights. And so Dr country provided a really unique perspective because not only is he a an expert in the field. But he's actual in actual doctor that is performed over ten thousand heart surgery. So he's actually been in the human body and seen it firsthand. That guy is obviously so important you guys we've talked about this with Ingrid. She was on the podcast. She has a lot of the same theories that he has, and I think going into the scientific research of it is so important. This episode for me was probably one of the most educational episodes. We've ever had in for those. You know, what I try to do is yours. Go to go into these type of conversations with an open mind. There's instantly going to be critics. There's going to be people that don't agree. But what I tried to do all these conversation when I think Lauren tries to do is we try to go in with an open mind to decipher what makes sense, and what doesn't make sense. Then I think anybody that's listening needs to do the same. Are you a fan of sweet and salty kettle corn date and organic apple cider vinegar. Well, I have you covered if you are. So I actually curated a page on thrive market, and it's all my favorites in one spot. So you can easily shop everything that we like to order. It has everything from coconut amino, which is so good on cauliflower rice liquid amino 's it has this peppermint oil that I'm obsessed with for really good breath..

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