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Buying whole doesn't work if it is think about it for moment, if buying whole worldwide the major street for Wall Street firms, have proprietary, trading desks, they are buying holding. Why are there professional hedge fund managers, they are buying holding either? Why this volatility in the market? Well, guess what? If everybody bought in the whole Hel, excuse me. There wouldn't be any volatility prices would be stable. Buffett himself said by fear and sell greed. Here's most important if it worked everybody'd, be wealthy. That's the truth, and it's never worked, and it's never been something. This was an article act like the legends cut your losses and they talk about jell Loeb, who died in nineteen seventy four on the phone is he said, I'm inclined to say that when a new investment trumped by ten percent. It's time to stop looking listen, I think you ought to be sold out in the law taken. They ask them followed his own advice. He said, I would hope to be long long before it ever reaches ten percent. Bernard Baru incredibly wealthy, man, said and individuals should be able to create incredible wealth just being right. Three or four times out of ten if they know how to handle positions where they're wrong. This is the reality of what goes on in the market. And this is the reality, which you can overcome. Remember, remember that class in school? You learned all about managing your money, probably not because no such class existed, and you're left in the dark, but how to decipher your 4._0._1._K how to minimize risk and how to buy the best in the worst times. Helps.

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