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The weekend as well Attempt you're staying right around 80 radio achieved of the airport. It is 75 degrees. Israel and Hamas have agreed to an 11 day cease fire and the raging conflict that has killed dozens of Israelis and hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis equally deserved to live safely and securely and I enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy. US. President Joe Biden says he remains committed to quiet relent. Less diplomacy, too. And the conflict the family of Fort Worth ever. Fort Worth. Women killed by a police officer is filing a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit. The suit names the city of Fort Worth. The mayor, chief of police and Erin Dean, officer accused in the shooting death of a Tatiana Jefferson Dean is charged with murder and is expected to go to trial in August. Police say Dean was responding to an open door call during the middle of the night in October of 2019. Jefferson was awake playing video games with their eight year old nephew at the time, investigators say. When Dean got to the back window, he saw someone standing inside the home body Cam video shows Dean saying to put your hands up and show me your hands before immediately shooting through the window. Cat Blondes Iron WB AP News Carrollton. Police are investigating the shooting in the police department parking lot. Officer Jolene DeVito says three officers were standing in the lot. When somebody drove by and opened fire. They heard clearly a gunshot, which got their attention, and as they turned in the direction of it to figure out what was happening. Then came a syriza of several more 78 more shots. DeVito says Officers took cover and the suspect drove away. Police are looking at surveillance footage to try and track down the suspect. The city of McKinney is getting a new city hall. Assistant city manager Berry Sheldon says The plan is for war City staff, so I'll work in one building and make it welcoming and inclusive to all. Currently we are located in a half dozen or so small buildings that we own and war rent, and our services are kind of space all over downtown, and in fact, some of our offices are located far away is the opposite side of McKinney. The design incorporates historic city elements as well as providing indoor L outdoor elements like a large plaza and chambers amplify eater that conserve as a place for outdoor gatherings, festivals and performances. Here's an update on all three major indexes. And with Texas business closing numbers, the Dow NASDAQ and S and P were all up for today. Right now. At DFW Airport, it is 75 degrees from the VIP news desk. I'm John. Scatter your next update at 7 30 24 7 news coverage available at w EB. Com Texas Can academy is Don't RIGHT now and cars for kids dot org's right off the car, Not the kid. Meet Carlos Dela Torre, a Mr Electric Licensed electrician's just seeing the Customer's reaction. You know, the look on their faces will never thought fix the issues that they called me there to address. I'll take the lot private knowing that I did quality work for him. And whenever I walk up their house, everything's back.

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